More Mega Man headed to US PSPs

Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X set for release across North America in early 2006.

Capcom clearly knows the value of a remake. Having already remade and reenvisioned the original installment of its cash-cow Resident Evil franchise for both the GameCube and DS, Capcom in September announced that it was revamping the original Mega Man and Mega Man X games for the PSP. Today the company confirmed that both titles will be making their way to North America early next year.

Mega Man Powered Up, as the name implies, is the original Mega Man NES game redesigned for the PSP. In order to defeat the evil Dr. Wily, Mega Man will once again have to shoot, jump, and slide (that part's new) his way through a gauntlet of evil robots, collecting new powers from defeated foes along the way.

The most apparent change at work in Mega Man Powered Up is the complete graphic overhaul Capcom gave the Blue Bomber. On top of Mega Man's supersized noggin, the levels and enemies have been redesigned and given a vibrant new coat of paint. All of the audio has also been redone, but nostalgic gamers will be able to play with the original background music if they desire.

Capcom's also including 100 short challenge levels, and if that's not enough, players can fire up the game's included level editor. Gamers will be able to design their own stages right down to the enemy and power-up placement, and then share them with Mega Man fans around the world by taking the PSP online.

Rounding out the package are new cutscenes with voice acting, two new boss characters with their own stages, item packs strewn throughout the game that unlock additional pieces in the level editor, and the ability to play as any of the game's boss robots to take advantage of their unique abilities.

Maverick Hunter X is a 3D remake of the SNES classic Mega Man X. Like Mega Man Powered Up, it features new audio, cutscenes, and rearranged levels. While Maverick Hunter X lacks the level editor of its counterpart, it does include a whole new second quest. After beating the main game mode, players can tackle an entirely new story playing as X's archrival Vile. The game also includes a new animated movie unlocked with completion of the main game, and a more fleshed-out backstory that gives insight into the motivations of Mega Man X's various allies and enemies.

Both games are rated E for Everyone. For more on the games, check out GameSpot's hands-on impressions of the Japanese versions of Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X from the Tokyo Game Show.

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