Moon Tycoon confirmed for Europe

GMX Media announces that it has secured the rights to publish Anarchy Enterprises' sci-fi strategy game in most European territories.

GMX Media has announced that it's signed a two-game European publishing deal with Anarchy Enterprises. The first game to be released in Europe under the agreement is Moon Tycoon, which was released in North America in 2001 and will arrive in European stores sometime in July this year.

"Moon Tycoon is a big hit in the US and has sold a tremendous amount of units," said Barry Leonard, COO of GMX Media. "The European version will have some new features that are sure to make it a bigger hit."

In Moon Tycoon, players are charged with colonizing the moon by building and maintaining facilities there, including accommodations, spaceports, military bases, biospheres, lunar golf courses, and the like. The game features around 30 challenging missions, and no less than 16 different types of disasters for players to deal with, such as moonquakes, ion storms, terrorist attacks, and meteor showers. For more information on Moon Tycoon, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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