Monster taming confirmed for Dragon Quest VIII

Players can pit monsters against enemy monsters in upcoming RPG.

TOKYO--In previous GameSpot coverage of the Tokyo Game Show, it was reported that one of the promotional Dragon Quest VIII trailers running at Square Enix's booth showed footage of monsters fighting against other monsters. Now, thanks to the latest issue of Weekly Jump magazine, we know that the game will in fact have such a "taming system." Similar to the Super Famicom title Dragon Quest V, enemies that you defeat will sometimes ask you if they may join your party.

Although additional details are not known, Dragon Quest VIII will thus enable the player to call out a team of monsters and make them fight in battles. There will also be a coliseum somewhere in the game where your team of monsters can fight against other teams.

Dragon Quest VIII is slated for release in Japan on November 27 at the price of 9,240 yen ($83).

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