Monday: Unleashing A Virus Named TOM

Meet TOM, a computer virus sent to destroy a future utopia. Whether alone or with friends, TOM must riddle his way through this high-tech puzzler.

The San Francisco game development feature kicks off with the puzzle game A Virus Named TOM from developer Misfits Attic. In this hybrid action/puzzle game, you take on the role of TOM, a simple computer virus built for revenge. Of course, as TOM's creators Tim and Holly Keenan demonstrate, TOM is also great at hot-wiring robot dogs and spoiling Christmas for children everywhere. See for yourself in the video below, and for more information on the game check out the official site.

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Interesting game, but it seems more like a multiplayer game for 3-4 people. Not sure how fun this game would be as a single player game. I'd try the demo, but it just doesn't look like a game I'd pay $10 or $15 for. Looks like an IOS game for $1.99-$4.99 on tablets. Games like Cut the Rope and Where's My Water are more interesting then this.


Hmm, it's a pretty cool game. It's like they took a hacking mini-game from, say, DX: HR, or Bio Shock, and made a whole game out of it.