Monday Check-In: Techies Day

This week's check-in shares what to expect this week, and we'll update you about some technical problems.

Happy Techies Day! As you might know, our Monday check-in reminds you about what happened last week, and we'll share what to expect this week. We notice that some of you have been concerned about technical problems, and we'll explain what we've been told about the problems.


Weekly Report - Last week’s wrap-up will catch you up, but one of the most exciting things that happened was meeting many of you in person during the Battlefield 3 beta tournament we held at our offices. Also, if you want to gain some profile points, we have an activity you can participate in!

Industry Community Returns - We also brought back the community industry news, so you now have another way you can learn about what's happening in other communities.

What's Happening

Game Forecast - The games that will cause lots of hype in forums this week include Rage and Dark Souls. Get ready to rumble, forum posters!

Moderation Policy Questionnaire - We're closing the questionnaire tomorrow morning, so you'll want to share your concerns about the Terms of Use agreement before then. Please keep in mind that your answers to this questionnaire are for research purposes, and we cannot promise that your specific changes will occur. However, we do want to thank those of you who took 5-10 minutes to fill it out.

Fuse Emblems Returning - We've been told that the Fuse emblems are returning very soon. With game tracking and achievements making a return, we're in the process of getting these emblems back on your profiles. Keep an eye out for them.

Technical Problems?

Profile Menu Bug - If you see a hyperlink to the Sidekick brackets on your profile, the technical staff told us they'd get this resolved ASAP.

Profile Level Problems - The level problem is now resolved as mentioned in the technical support forum last Friday. UPDATE at 2:04 p.m. P.T.: Staff have let us know that this bug is "partially fixed." There's another bug that is causing some disturbance. Until that's fixed, the profile levels might have some hiccups here and there.

Collection/Tag Emblems Missing - The emblem problem was never reported by technical staff, but they knew about it. We finally have this bug back on their radar.

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horgen moderator

I notice the levels aren't completely fixed... Mine is acting weird... Or it is just the small activity boosts one can do that does it.


thanks to the tech staff for working so hard on the bugs!


And why they are fixing them, aren't we supposed to enjoy these bugs :).

riou7 moderator moderator

So glad to know they're fixing the problems :)


Wow thanks! I hope everything gets fixed soon!

Darthkaiser moderator moderator

Good to know the staff is working on the bugs


Thanks for the updates Jody!


Good to have our Fuse emblems back :D