Monday Check-In: Playtime With PAX

This week we talk about community activities, new game releases for the first week of April, and of course PAX!

What's Hot

Time again for the weekly Monday Check-In. There is a bunch to look forward to, awesome new game releases, community activities, and, of course, PAX East.

Gaming Forecast

Here is your weekly forecast for games for the week of April 2-8:
I Am Alive (X360 and PS3)
Ubisoft new survival horror title set in a hazardous and crumbling world.
Shoot Many Robots (X360, PC, PS3)
Work with your friends to fight through the chaotic evil robot uprising.
Skullgirls (X360 and PS3)
The fact-paced 2D fighting game, developed by Reverge Labs, features femme fatales in a Dark Deco world.
Kinect Star Wars (X360)
Use the Force, race some pods, boogie down, and learn to wield a lightsaber all while taking on the darkside.
Xexnoblade (Wii)
The highly anticipated North American release of this AAA JRPG.
Blacklight: Retribution (PC)
A first-person shooter based in a futuristic urban war zone.


PAX East
PAX East is fast approaching, and on Friday April 6, Boston will open its doors for gamers of all sorts to peruse the floor. There are a ton of things to see this year, and of course we'll be there to bring you quality coverage. To get the play-by-play, you can check out our PAX East page or follow PAX on Twitter. What can you expect to see? Well, here is some of the coverage from 2011. Check it out! We’ll also be taking your suggestions on what to cover during PAX in this thread here.

PAX East - Signature Showdown
GameSpot will be giving you a chance to get in on some PAX East schwag. You might be wondering how! Change your signature, link to GameSpot at PAX, and Roll Call. For more details about this activity, check out this page here.

Pixel Art Contest
We've gotten in a plethora of pixel masterpieces for our Mass Effect 3. Haven't sent in your submission? Don't worry, there's still time to get your submission to the GameSpot Community team. Remember that the more submissions entered, the bigger the prize pack will become.

Rebound Party Challenge
GameSpot is excited about finally getting to spread its wings a bit from GameFAQs by giving users a chance at $150's in Best Buy Gift Cards. For more information check out this announcement.

Top Fusers
Are you new to the Fuse experience? Just getting your feet wet and need to know whom to follow? Well. we're here to share with you the top 15 Fusers.
perkinsj26, Sefrix, Rydia241, BloodMist , Soothsayer42, Spinnerweb, phoenixgaiangel, Smokescreened84, Ghanima_A , Xandoom, CUDGEdave, superfalcon1234, robdingo, GunBladeHero, and Joshua2222

GameSpot's Top 7 April Fools' Day Stories
We all know that April 1 plagues game news sites with various pranks, monkeyshines, and general tomfoolery. Here were some of GameSpot's favorite foolish finds.

Did you find a particularly interesting April Fools' prank? Comment in the section below and share your snarky find for some profile points to go toward your user level.

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@fend_oblivion - Yes, there really is, unfortunately. I'll let you Google it; I'm at work. ;)


April fools on April 2nd, that's hilarious :D


There's a game called Battle Raper 2? -____-