Monday Check-In: Leap Year Update!

It's time again for the Monday Check-In.

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MLG New York Coverage
If you've been wondering what the hype is around e-sports, check out this article and then head over to check out coverage of MLG New York. Slasher checks in with the players of MLG New York, and you'll find the daily wrap-ups for day one and day two. Check back later for day three coverage early this week.

Screen Tear
Screen Tear tore up our screens last week with some real-life interruptions of games like Angry Birds and GoldenEye. Carlos also shows us how much of a fan he is of Stevie Wonder.

Skyrim PC Modification
Fans will be happy to see the second edition or our Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week. Shaun McInnis shows us how much he enjoys BBQd chicken and more.


Now Playing Episodes
We have plenty of Now Playing episodes planned this week for some big game titles. Be sure to watch the front page or drop by the Now Playing hub each day for the latest.

The Gun Show Coming Soon
Watch out for the latest episode of the Gun Show featuring Syndicate weapons.

Insider Notes

Industry Changes
If you've wondered why we've changed the way we do things over the years, some of it might have to do with the way the game industry changes. Read what Justin Calvert has to say about working for GameSpot for 12 years now.

Ranger Casting Call!
Do you fancy yourself a helpful member of the GameSpot community? Perhaps you have a creative spirit just begging to be released? Is your knowledge of gaming considered nothing short of impressive? We're looking helpful GameSpotters with gaming knowledge that reaches beyond that of the average user. Send gs-community a private message explaining what games or platforms are your specialty. Find out more about what a Ranger is all about here.


I Chooo-Choo Choose You! I know you've missed these activities! Send gs-community a PM with a user you believe should be a Ranger. You may notice a little boost to your level for contributing in such a manner!

Jake's Revenge
As some of you know, we have a "friendly mascot" at the GameSpot office. Capture this image by leaving your comments below for a slight boost in profile points.

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Allicrombie moderator moderator

"It's the New Super Mario Bros Cereal, for Hardcore Gamers!, along with fruity fireball, star and koopa shell shaped marshmallows, you can now find tasty Kratos heads!"


Now I know when the weather outside is frightful, use the head of Kratos for a glove. At least one of your hands will be rather toasty.


I have the, no actually I have a mask and I look mean :P


Luigi - never a master of disguise - gets out some repressed sidekick-anger as a Luchadore in the latest Smash Brothers title, finishing Kratos with a decapitating Tommy Gun attack. Upon reflection, this makes no sense, but then neither does a flower allowing Mario to shoot fireballs or a Tanooki suit turning the player into a statue.

kitty moderator

Not even Kratos can stop Jake. Who can? It's up to you in Jake's Revenge.


And now Kratos' true form becomes clear...


For Jake's Revenge - "Here's your Viscount!". I thought of that line from Dragon Age 2.:P


do you mean cap the image - like provide a caption? Mucha Lucha beheads Kratos in the next fatality for Mortal Kombat.