Monday Check-In: Cyber Monday

Hope you're not feeling too stuffed to check in this week.

What's Happening?

We hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and that plenty of good food was had all around. Didn't celebrate? Well, we hope that you took the time to catch up on your gaming or perhaps even get in on some of the craziness that was Black Friday. Now it's time to get caught up.


Get Ready to Roll Need!
There will be some epic loot appearing around GameSpot in the very near future, so full repair, get your food buff, and get ready to "need before greed." You won't want to miss out on this GameSpot activity.

A Big Minecrafter Shout-Out!
As some of you may recall, a few days ago GameSpot editor Kevin VanOrd asked many a GameSpotter for something special: to have a GameSpot footprint by helping collect your fabulous creations and gameplay footage for the OFFICIAL review of Minecraft after transforming from beta to full-fledged game! There were many submissions, and we liked all of them, but in the end, only a few could make the cut, so now we would like to take a second to thank these users.
Big-BossSnake, Curtis_XS, Jearoon, LegendofNerd, psycho_chan13, ra1ndrop, and Wienerman-
Great job everyone! The full-fledged video review should be up before too long, so be sure to stay tuned to the Daily Report for this story's update!

Terms of Service: Understanding Updates
Did you know that things were changing on GameSpot? No? Well, after asking for your opinion on things around the site, there are a few major changes coming to the way things work around the site. However, it is important to make note that the changes have not taken effect as the TOU is still the same. When can you expect to see the changes? Soon, very soon. But it's important to remember that until those changes happen, make sure you still follow the current TOU.

Not-So-Daily Editions
The community team has been taking some time off to rest their weary heads, spend time away from the computer, and catch up on all those awesome games you GameSpotters can't stop talking about. We appreciate your understanding with the current delays in community updates.

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so the Thanksgiving activity is upcoming? that link comes back to the spam I'm not sure what's going on - but I am paying attention, right?

crimsonbrute moderator

Wooo! Complete and total anarchy!


Hopefully people will stop abusing the new TOU


Don't like the new ToU, but we'll see.


Congrats to the people who got their videos in the review ^_^ Can't wait to see the actual review.


A lot of people are unaware of the new TOU rules so it's good to give it some recognition.