Monday Check-In: CES Prep

It's back to business as usual for Community news!

Last Week

After getting over our eggnog hangovers, cleaning up pine needles, and getting Jake out of his Santa outfit, we have a few updates for the community. First off, we had our GameSpot Field Trip with a few goodies from Capcom, Blizzard and NCsoft. Then, on Friday, we featured several creative blogs and reviews in the Weekly Wrap-Up, and we sang the praises of Fridays Member Spotlight "Baconbits2004".

What's Happening?

GameSpot goes to CES
CES will soon be upon us, and we'll finally have the chance to see some of the more exciting tech toys and gorgeous gizmos for this year. There is no shortage of speculation as rumors of what to expect circle the site. Perhaps information on the next gen of consoles? There will be some information on the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Vita, and of course news from third parties like Nyko, Logitech, and Mad Catz. You can see some of the highlights from last year's show here.

On the Spot returns at a NEW TIME!
You heard it here first: On the Spot will be returning this Thursday, but at a new time. The show will be live from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PT. We've got some special things in store for our viewers this week, along with prizes for those who participate in the live chat! So be sure to tune in Thursday, January 12 at 11:00 a.m. PT.

GameSpot's Mod of the Month - Hallenback77
The people have spoken and have chosen to honor the moderator known as Hallenback77. Some of you may know Hallenback77 from Off Topic, but did you know that he's a bit of a Loony Toons fan? Drop him a PM and say "Congrats!"

Tune in tomorrow for the Blog Bunker: Peculiar People edition.

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Synthia Weires

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I love this part >we sang the praises of Fridays Member Spotlight "Baconbits2004". \o/


11 AM is...three hours behind me, so that's...2 PM EST? Peculiar People...interesting...