Monday Check-In: Bat Boy Edition

For the Monday check-in, we have reality shows, Facebook, and more.


Last Friday, we wrapped things up pretty tightly with GameSpotter's Blog Bunker, GameFlick, and Player Review contributions, as well as talking about MLG Orlando, AGDC Online, and the unofficial GameSpot Minecraft block party. We offered a tip about embedding videos and shared a union activity with the code name "Project Pamper."

What's Happening!

The Controller
What happens when you combine the awesome skills of six professional gamers with the blundering of six video game noobs? Starting October 21, GameSpot and EA have teamed up to bring you a new reality show featuring Battlefield 3, where gamers will compete in both gaming and physical challenges for a chance at prizes, cash, and gamer glory. Check out the trailer here.

Facebook GameFly Giveaway
GameSpot is giving you a chance to win a free year of GameFly. Liking us on Facebook simply enters you for your chance to win. Only US and 18 years old or older candidates are entered to win. But act quickly; you only have until October 26 at 12:00 p.m. PT. For more details, check out our Facebook page here.

BlizzCon is less than a week away, and before we know it, the video team along with Maxwell McGee and Tom Magrino will be packing up and heading to the event, with mini murlocs in tote. What are some things we hope to see this year at BlizzCon? Last year's big unveil was the witch doctor for Diablo 3. What will it be this year? DoTA, StarCraft, WoW, Diablo… PANDAS? Only time will tell. If there is something that you are hoping to see during our coverage of the event, be sure to check off in this BlizzCon thread here.

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