MLG invites Rattlesnake International to their Columbus Championship

Major League Gaming has increased the size of their Columbus, Ohio Dota 2 tournament and have invited Rattlesnake International to compete.

Major League Gaming announced moments ago that they would be inviting Rattle Snake International to their Dota 2 tournament at the Major League Gaming Championship in Columbus, Ohio later this year. MLG’s Executive Vice President Adam Apicella told the Dota 2 community in a Reddit thread that this decision was largely the result of a “consistent community plea” that Rattlesnake.Int be included in their event.

The team, who was playing under the name Kaipi until just a week ago, will bring the total number of teams competing in Columbus to nine. MLG had originally planned its tournament schedule and broadcasting format with eight teams in mind. They have had to modify their plans to accommodate to the additional team.

Apicella explained in his Reddit post, “This means instead of 2 competition stations and 2 streams running for Friday/Saturday, we’ll be running 3 competition stations and 3 streams for Friday/Saturday before we go down to a single Sunday stream for the main bracket. We will still cast every single game.”

He continued that it was possible that the event would utilize a mix of onsite and remote casters. At the time of publication details on what casters would be involved has not been released.

The Major League Gaming Championship will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio from November 22nd to November 25th. The event will feature a $50,000 prize pool. Tickets are now purchasable at the MLG Store.

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