MLG announces KeSPA, MvP partnership invitational

Major League Gaming partnering with Korean eSports Association for tournament between the two eSports organizers; 48 top StarCraft II players will compete.


Major League Gaming and the Korean eSports Association today announced a new tournament between the two eSports organizers, titled the "MLG vs Proleague (MvP) Invitational." Later this month, 48 of the world's best StarCraft II players will compete, including 24 players from KeSPA, 12 from North America, six from Europe, and six from Korea/Taiwan. The broadcast begins September 24 at the Major League Gaming website.

48 elite StarCraft II players will compete in the new tournament.

"As previously noted, this is just the beginning of our collaboration with KeSPA and IEG," MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni told GameSpot. "Our goal is to continue to evolve our league programs and to expand our global partnerships in an effort to create one robust eSport world. By incorporating these players into this combined regional tournament, we are executing our plan of providing a broader platform for Western players, while continuing to foster international competition."

Players announced to compete in the invitational include KeSPA/Brood War-turned-StarCraft II superstars Lee "Flash" Young Ho, Lee 'aedong' Jae Dong, Kim "Bisu" Taek Yong, Song "Stork," Byug Gu, Jung "Fantasy" Myung Hun, and Heo "JangBi" Young Moo. Over the next six weeks, they will compete for $10,000 in prizes, along with eight all-expense paid trips and spots at the MLG Fall Championships in Dallas, Texas. The top eight players will include four from KeSPA, two from North America, one from Europe and one from Korea/Taiwan.

"This flagship competitive program guarantees that top StarCraft II players from KeSPA's Proleague will compete LIVE at the MLG Fall Championship in Dallas," said DiGiovanni. "We plan to expand MvP and roll out new programs in 2013."

"Together with MLG, we are continuing our quest to bring the world’s top players into the international spotlight and the MvP Invitational will further the global expansion of eSports," said Lee Young Hee, President of KeSPA.

Broadcast of the online qualifiers will commence soon, and MLG has tapped ex-Evil Geniuses player Nick "Axslav" Ranish, along with caster and Alex "Axeltoss" Rodriguez to call the action. The full list of KeSPA players competing in the qualifiers can be found at MLG's website. More information will be released soon.


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