Mission: Impossible Preview

Here are screenshots from Jeff Gordon Racing.

The N64 spy adventure loosely based on the movie of the same name is coming to the PlayStation. The game puts you in the role of Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise's character from the movie. You'll have to do tons of different things (sneak around snowy bases, blend in at parties, and yes, even silently scale down to a computer, just like the movie) to complete the game's levels. The PlayStation version will feature a CD quality soundtrack, including speech. Also, the menus will be redesigned.

While the gameplay is much the same as in the N64 version, a few things have been tweaked, like control and graphics. You'll now see graphical enhancements like shell casings flying from your gun when you shoot, and the control is tighter and more intuitive. Additionally there's an auto-aiming option. The PlayStation version will have speech, done by a studio in Paris (the Infogrames booth at E3 was way too noisy to hear whether or not their accents were any good). Essentially you're still Ethan Hunt, cruising your way through 20 missions in an action-adventure; the game is due out this fall.

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