Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition coming to UK retail in June

Disc contents exactly the same as the digital release.

The Xbox 360 edition of blockbuster Minecraft will be released physically in the UK on June 28, Microsoft has announced.

The boxed versions will be identical to the downloadable versions, with the exception of a 48-hour Xbox Live Gold code included in the case.

The UK release date follows the previous announcement that the retail Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will launch in North America on June 4. It had previously been scheduled for an April 30 release.

Minecraft's ever-growing sales numbers currently sit at over six million for the Xbox 360 version and 10 million copies on the PC.

A Time magazine poll has also named Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson the second-most influential person in the world, behind Egypt president Mohamed Morsi.

Developer Mojang has said it will "consider" releasing Minecraft for Sony platforms once its exclusivity deal with Microsoft lapses.

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Martin Gaston

Hi! I'm Martin, for some reason or another I have managed to convince the people who run GameSpot that I am actually wor



The PC one is where it's at


"Disc contents exactly the same as the digital release."

The delivery of that statement made me laugh for some reason. What, was the disc going to be more up-to-date than the downloadable version? Or include some kind of exclusive mob? It's Minecraft, written to a disc. Hope nobody was expecting Minecraft 2 here or anything.