Million-Dollar Links VGA Tour announced

The winner of Microsoft's upcoming computer golf tournament will get a chance to putt for $1,000,000.

Microsoft has announced that its upcoming Links Virtual Golf Association (VGA) Tour will feature a chance for the winner to putt for $1,000,000. The tour, which is scheduled to begin on July 22, will feature three major tournaments, a semifinal event, and a final event. Those interested in participating in the competition can sign up at the official VGA Tour Web site.

The tour finals are scheduled to take place this October in conjunction with the launch of Links 2003, the next game in Microsoft's popular Links golf simulation series. To celebrate the launch, Microsoft will offer the champion of the VGA Tour a chance to make a real 60-foot putt on an actual golf course for $1,000,000. Even if the player misses the putt, he or she is guaranteed a prize of $50,000. The 2002 VGA Tour will feature a total of $77,000 in prize money.

For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the Links games, and visit the official VGA Tour Web site.

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