Midway prepares to Blitz The League

Unlicensed football game sees a name change, more info to come in May.

LAS VEGAS--Midway has announced that its next football game will be known as Blitz the League. The game was previously shown under the name Blitz Playmakers. No reason was given for the change, but the game is still set to contain a story mode that goes "under the helmet" and shows things that are going on both on and off the field.

No video of the game running was shown, but a few screenshots, including one that showed a player spitting up a mouthful of blood onto the field and one that appeared to be showing a player winding up to punch another, were briefly displayed. Blitz the League is scheduled to be released on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 this fall. More information about the game will be revealed at E3 this May.

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Blitz: The League

Blitz: The League