Mid-March Singapore Game Box Challenge

Local tournament to use locally made games; World of Temasek also launches.


On March 3, the Media Development Authority (MDA) body of Singapore launched a media awareness campaign called the Media Fiesta 2011. To promote the gaming aspect of the campaign, the MDA will be holding the Singapore Game Box Inter-Tertiary Challenge in conjunction with the Singapore Game Box roadshow starting March 17.

The tournament will focus on several Singapore-made games: capture-the-flag-style first-person shooter OrCganic, digital collectible card game Tactics Anthem Online, action game Strawhat Samurai, puzzle game Carneyvale Showtime, and 2D platformer Rocketbirds: Revolution. The winner of the tournament will win S$3,000, while second- and third-place winners will win S$2,000 and S$1,000, respectively. The games that will be made available to the public during the Game Box roadshow are puzzle game Huff and Puff and mass multiplayer real-time strategy game Ninerift, in addition to the aforementioned tournament titles.

Tactic Anthems Online will be one of the games featured in the Game Box tournament.

In related news, the Media Fiesta 2011 campaign also launched the online game called World of Temasek. The game is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in 14th-century Singapore and was created by Magma Studios. The game is out for the PC.

The Singapore Game Box roadshow will be held from March 17 to March 20 at the Nex mall located in Serangoon, Singapore. The finals of the inter-tertiary tournament will be held on March 19.