Microsoft to reign over Kingdom Under Fire

Phantagram's medieval strategy game grabs a publisher; Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes to charge onto Xboxes this summer.

Microsoft today announced that it has been dubbed publisher of Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. The game, from Korean developer Phantagram, was without a distributor when it was announced in early February. Phantagram previously worked on two other KUF games, The Crusaders for the Xbox and A War of Heroes on the PC. Heroes will be released exclusively on the Xbox later this summer.

KUF: Heroes is set in the familiar fantasy-themed realm of the series, and it takes place five years before The Crusaders. Gamers will be in charge of a medieval army, leading infantry, catapults, and dragons into medieval military madness. The epic battles will unfold over 50 campaign missions that feature seven playable heroes, each with his or her own strengths and weaknesses.

Gamers looking to get "medieval" on their buddies can do so over Xbox Live. Up to six knights-in-training can compete in various modes, such as troop battle and hero battle, and those willing to unite the kingdom can play cooperative missions that differ from those in the single-player campaign.

GameSpot will have more on Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes soon.

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