Microsoft to host press conference at Gamescom 2013 - Report

Microsoft reported to be planning a press conference at European trade show, with the company looking to reiterate the core message behind the Xbox One.

Microsoft will host its own press conference this year at European trade show Gamescom, reports CVG.

Certain developers have already been notified about the one-hour press conference, says CVG, but that neither the date nor the running order has been finalised.

Sources have said that the proposed press conference would be for Microsoft to reiterate its core message behind the Xbox One, while also attempting to secure the console's footing in European territories. While the Xbox has traditionally been popular in the UK--with the Xbox 360 recently overtaking the Wii in total sales--it has seen less success than Sony's PlayStation in other European markets.

If true, 2013 would mark the first time Microsoft has held a full-blown press conference during the European show. Both Sony and EA regularly hold their own press conferences at Gamescom.

Microsoft had previously announced that it will be returning to Gamescom this year after skipping it in 2012.

"We're excited to be back at Gamescom this year but we're not announcing any further details on our plans at this time. Please stay tuned for more details!" said a Microsoft spokesperson.

Gamescom will run from August 21 through August 25 in Cologne, Germany.

Microsoft will release the Xbox One this November for $499/£429/€499.

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