Microsoft responds to Halo 2 Anniversary rumor: "Halo 2 is a good game..."

Microsoft spokesperson will only confirm that the "Halo journey on Xbox One begins in 2014."

Might this be the box art for Halo 2 Anniversary?

Microsoft has further teased the possibility of Halo 2 Anniversary coming to Xbox One this year, with massive speculation for the title kicking off last week after it was included in a whole flurry of Microsoft rumours.

"Never get tired of questions on what's coming," said Microsoft studios boss Phil Spencer on Twitter, who was asked to comment after box art for Halo 2 Anniversary surfaced online. "Just can't always answer as we need news at events."

Spencer then added that he thought "Halo 2 is a good game..."

Coincidentally, Halo 2 was first released on the original Xbox in 2004, meaning that this year marks the game's tenth anniversary.

Officially, Microsoft isn't commenting on the tease outside of confirming that a Halo title will be released for Xbox One this year. “Other than confirming that your Halo journey on Xbox One begins in 2014, we have made no announcements related to specific titles," said a Microsoft spokesperson to GameSpot.

"Any report or listing to the contrary is based solely on speculation and rumor,” Microsoft adds.

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