Microsoft "passionate" about indies, says Lionhead

Creative director Gary Carr suggests Microsoft will use future press events to discuss new indie platform, says industry has no future without indies.


Microsoft is "passionate" about its relationship with independent developers and will use future press events to discuss a new platform to support the development community, Fable developer Lionhead Studios creative director Gary Carr has told OXM.

Discussing Microsoft's recent announcement that indie developers cannot self-publish on Xbox One, Carr said Microsoft understands that these developers are vitally important to the business.

"I certainly know that Microsoft want to talk at future press events about their relationships with indies. I can't really talk about that, but they're very passionate about building a strong relationship with indie development--indie development is the future," Carr said.

"There is no future to the games business without independent developers; they always will shape the industry, and the big corporations will follow," Carr added. "So that relationship is important."

Carr added that "giants" like Sony and Microsoft are needed to "hold [the industry] all together in some way," but said the independent development community has always been the "real driving force" behind the industry.

The Xbox One launches this November for $500.


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