Microsoft: 'If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards'

Xbox business head Don Mattrick says only 5 percent of consumers play past-gen games on new systems.

Head of Microsoft's Xbox division Don Mattrick has spoken out to say the Xbox One not featuring backwards compatibility is not much of an issue.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Mattrick said only 5 percent of gamers play past-generation titles on new machines.

Thus, it would not make sense to invest time and resources into creating technology to allow gamers to play older games on the Xbox One, he said.

"If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards," he said.

The Xbox One will not support Xbox 360 games and Xbox Live Arcade titles players have purchased over the years will not be compatible on the next-generation platform.

The PlayStation 4 is not backwards compatible with physical PlayStation 3 discs or PlayStation Network games, though Sony's partnership with Gaikai will allow users to stream older titles on the new system.

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