Microids acquires Wanadoo Edition

French game developer Wanadoo divests itself of its interactive entertainment arm to concentrate on the online gaming sector.

Wanadoo, a European Internet provider and subsidiary of France Telecom, sold its interactive entertainment arm, Wanadoo Edition, Tuesday to Canadian game company Microids for a swap of stock that nets Wanadoo a 12 percent stake in Microids.

Microids currently publishes Syberia and Warrior Kings, among other titles, throughout North America. Wanadoo Edition has published Iron Storm for the PS2 and has developed such titles as Inquisition and Next Generation Tennis.

No announcement was made about the scope of the games catalog that Wanadoo Edition will be bringing to the acquisition.

This transfer doesn't mean that parent company Wanadoo is getting out of gaming. This move by Wanadoo will now allow Wanadoo to focus on online games.

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