Metal Dungeon update

Panther Software releases new screenshots from and information on its Xbox RPG.

Panther Software has released several new screenshots from and further information on Metal Dungeon, its dungeon-based RPG for the Microsoft Xbox. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Aransas, where science and technology coexist with magic and the dark crafts. This world is in turmoil, as several countries are engaged in a deadly battle. To make matters worse, an ancient evil, which had been sealed, is about to make its return. Its return must be stopped at all cost, and several mercenaries are sent to do the job.

In the game, players must control cyborg characters known as reinforcers. Players must choose from 10 different characters, and they can earn experience and enhance their abilities as the game progresses. The battle system in the game looks to be turn-based. Panther Software has not announced a release date for the game at this time. GameSpot will have further information as it becomes available.

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