Mega Man Battle Network Web site live

Capcom's new GBA game will feature team battle and a new fighting mode.

TOKYO--Following reports that a new Mega Man Battle Network is in the works for the Game Boy Advance, Capcom launched the official Web site for Rockman Exe 5, the game's Japanese title.

Like its previous installments, Rockman Exe 5 will be released in two editions. The first edition, titled Rockman Exe 5: Team of Blues (Blues is known as Protoman in English), is slated for release on December 9. The second edition, Rockman Exe 5: Team of Colonel, is slated for release in February. Prices for both editions are set at 4,990 yen ($45).

In Rockman Exe 5 gamers won't be playing as Mega Man alone. Instead, they'll be teaming with a number of other characters that have appeared in previous installments of the series. It appears that six party members will fight with Mega Man in the game, and each character will have different strengths. For example, Napalm Man in Team of Blues excels in attacking, while Magnet Man is proficient at defending.

Working together as a team in Rockman Exe 5 is not only essential in defeating enemies, but also in destroying obstacles in the field. The game also has a new battle mode called "liberate mission," which challenges gamers to cleanse areas by beating enemies on various purple panels to reach boss characters.

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