Medal of Honor: European Assault Walkthrough

The latest Medal of Honor game comes with optional objectives and a healthy amount of challenge. Our walkthrough for the game will let you know how to get all of the hidden objectives!

By Matthew Rorie
Design by Collin Oguro

Well, it's time for another Medal of Honor game. The granddaddy of World War II FPS game series has seen more than a few titles come out under its name, but Medal of Honor: European Assault is one of the first to make significant changes to the way you play the game. Instead of the linear levels in previous games, European Assault promises to open up the gameplay a bit by offering wider levels with multiple paths and options for players, while still including many of the scripted events that make the series so fun to play. It places you in the shoes of William Holt, an officer of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), sent behind enemy lines to gather intelligence on a secret German atomic project. As you proceed through the game, you'll need to assassinate high-ranking German officers, command small strike forces of commandos, and explore each level in the game to find additional objectives to accomplish.

GameSpot's Game Guide to Medal of Honor: European Assault is all you need to get through the game's eleven single-player missions. We're going to detail the preferred paths, especially in the more difficult missions, tell you when to save your Adrenaline, and give you the details on all the optional objectives in each mission. Enjoy!

General Tips

Conserve Your Adrenaline

You can build up your Adrenaline (or, as we like to call it, surrrrrrrrrrrrge!) throughout a level by killing enemies, with extra boosts for killing enemies in quick succession and getting headshots on them. When you have a full adrenaline meter, then you can engage it at any time to temporarily become invulnerable to enemy fire and be capable of firing without draining your ammo. This is obviously a powerful technique to use, especially on the game's harder difficulty levels (which are really, really hard!), but the key thing to remember here is that you can save your full Adrenaline meter until you think you really need it; you don't have to use it right away. It is in fact usually better to hold off on using your Adrenaline until you spot an overwhelming enemy force or an elite enemy unit, as it only lasts for a few seconds; using it on a group of two or three enemy units will net you some easy kills, but may make it more difficult to take on the group of a dozen enemies a bit further down the road.

When you have Adrenaline, it's a relatively simple matter to walk up to powerful enemies and shoot them to death.

The exception to this is when you find that you're about to die. If your health is reduced to zero, and you revive yourself, then you'll lose your entire Adrenaline meter, even if it's completely full. For this reason, if you're about to take critical damage when you have a full meter, it's best to go ahead and use it up while you're still able to; you'll probably be able to kill your attackers, or at least reach cover, and thus save yourself from death.

During the walkthrough, we'll do our best to tell you the critical times at which it's wise to use your Adrenaline.

Utilize Your Teammates

You're going to have three AI teammates in most missions, and while they're not exactly a think tank, they can help you out of some tight spots if you take advantage of their abilities.

Unfortunately, your squadmates often act with a rather poor sense of self-preservation; it's a common sight to run up behind some cover to protect yourself from enemy fire, then watch at least one of your teammates run around to the other side of your cover, right where he'll be pelted with bullets. They can survive a bit more damage than you can, but are still quite capable of dying if they get caught in the field of fire for too long. You can check their health by examining the stars over their heads; a green star indicates that they're in good health, a yellow star indicates that they're around half health, and a red star indicates that they're almost dead. You can heal them back to full health with a medkit if you stand near them and use your action button, but getting them to stand still long enough for the prompt to come up can be a frustrating procedure; you may want to tell them to stand still by ordering them into a corner or something similar before trying to heal them.

It'd be in your best interest to learn how to use your troop positioning command, as well. The button differs based on your choice of console. (The GameCube version apparently doesn't even have this command.) When used, you can tell your teammates to head toward whatever spot you're aiming at. In most cases, we found this most useful to tell your teammates to stay behind you while you scout ahead and lean behind corners to find enemy positions, but if you know that there's a room full of enemies ahead, sometimes it's best to just send your troopers on ahead of you and let them distract or kill as many enemies as they can, for instance when you're running low on health and medkits and are willing to sacrifice your teammates to the greater good. You won't want to do this too often, though, as you will get an extra medkit at the beginning of the next level for each teammate that happens to survive a mission with you.


Ducking and leaning will go a long way towards keeping you alive.

Well, that's a brief tip. Although the beginning of the game may lend you a false sense of security, especially on the default difficulty level, the last two theaters of war that you visit will result in some head-poundingly difficult situations. In order to survive, you're going to need to learn how to duck behind cover and peek over it. It's not too difficult to do; in the default control scheme on most controllers, you can use your face buttons to kneel or lie prone, then use one of the left shoulder buttons to aim. While aiming, you can move the analog stick up or to the left and right to peek around corners; this is going to be the only way for you to get a clear shot at enemies without totally exposing yourself to their fire. If you don't duck, you're going to die, especially on the two hardest difficulty settings, where a single hit can take off as much as half your health.


For the purposes of this walkthrough, we're going to be going through in the default difficulty mode, Normal. Veteran and Hero difficulties are available for those of you who'd like a little extra challenge, although we have to say that Normal will prove to be challenge enough for most players, even those who are fairly good at console FPS titles.

Note also that we've included some annotated maps with most of these missions. The numbers here generally correspond to the order in which you'll encounter the secondary objectives, but keep in mind that there's no set order in which you have to do these objectives; feel free to proceed in any order that you like.

St. Nazaire

1 - Operation: Chariot

Well, it appears that the Allies are planning to launch a raid on St. Nazaire, the only French port capable of servicing a massive German battleship. It's your duty, as one of the few American operatives working with the British forces before the American entry into the war, to accompany the raid and assist in the assault.

Objectives: Locate Captain Beck

Your first objective here is to find Captain Beck, the ship's radioman, who's elsewhere on the dock your ship just impacted. He's the one with the radio, obviously, which you need to call in an airstrike.

Watch out for the gunner at the top of this tower.

Your best bet at the outset is to head for the empty machinegun on the ship's side and use that to start gunning down the Wehrmacht forces on the dock. You have plenty of AI teammates here that will move forward based on the strength of the enemy; if you can clear out a few of the Germans on the dock, especially the opposing turret gunners, then they should start heading down the gangplank and onto the docks, giving you a bit of help on your mission to find Captain Beck. Once you're actually on the dock, it's a pretty straightforward mission. You need to cut around to the right in order to reach Beck, who's near the green smoke signal. You will of course have to shoot plenty of guys in order to reach him, and will be getting shot at yourself, so use the many boxes on the docks to duck behind. Take this entire level as an opportunity to get used to the controls of the game, in fact.

When you reach Beck, all you have to do to complete the mission with a gold medal is escort him back to the ship. He'll move most of the way on his own, so just use your Garand and start popping off more Germans until you've cleared a path back, then head up the ramp to end the mission.

2 - Raid on St. Nazaire


  • Destroy Fuel Tank
  • Eliminate Klaus Mueller
  • Find V2 Rocket Fuel Specifications
  • Locate and Destroy Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • Destroy Shore Gun
  • Capture German Bunker

Raid on St. Nazaire is a bit more open-ended than most missions.

As you can tell from the beginning of this mission, this is going to be a bit more complicated than the first mission you went on. Most of the missions from here on in will have seven or eight objectives, many of which will be unlocked only after you stumble across them in the game world. When you get close enough to an objective, you'll spot a blue arrow or another pop-up menu on your screen, and will be given your task. There are three or four such objectives here.

To begin with, head down the ramp from the ship and start working your way to the right, or to the southeast if you're navigating via the map. You want to avoid the main firefight ahead of you, and instead skirt around to the southern end of the docks and start working your way across to the east. Eventually you'll get the pop-up objective here, which is to destroy the Shore Gun. When you've cleaned out enough of the Germans to do so, plant a charge on the gun and blow it. You can also find another medkit by walking out onto the pier and examining the hut at the end of it.

After the shoregun is blown, examine the area nearby to find an entrance to a tunnel. These tunnels are pretty dangerous, thanks to plentiful enemies and numerous murder holes with machineguns set up on them, so you're going to want to proceed slowly through them, and use cover as much as possible to avoid getting shelled.

Proceed carefully into and through the tunnels, or you'll get pounded by Germans.

You're going to run into Klaus Mueller in here; he'll be the first German nemesis you have to take down. The nemeses in the game are effectively boss enemies; they have a substantially increased amount of health and rapid-fire weapons that can quickly kill you, so you'll need to approach carefully and use some wiles to take him out. If that means ducking behind cover and aiming at wherever he's hiding while waiting for his head to pop out from behind cover, then so be it; you may also want to use your grenades to try and lure him out, as well. If you have Adrenaline, then you can just activate that, run up to him, and unload with an automatic weapon until he falls over. When he's dead, search around for the Fuel Specifications, which are in a side corridor in the tunnels near where he appears.

When you reach the far end of the tunnels, you'll be in the main battleground of the area, to the east of the large buildings. You should be on the southern side of the battlefield, and on the northern side of a fence, so stick close to the fence and proceed east; you'll eventually get another objective, to Capture the German Bunker. Luckily for you, if you stick near the fence, you should be able to avoid the machinegun fire from the bunker, so you can wrap around to its rear side and enter from behind, killing the soldiers within and completing another objective.

In order to reach the Fuel Tanks, you'll have to head through the tunnels underneath the bunker. They'll eventually open up to a factory interior, where you'll be assaulted by Karabiner-wielding sharpshooters on the upper platforms; take them down, then keep following the path until you reach the fuel tanks themselves. You'll need to walk up the stairs to find the control panel where you'll set the charge. Keep an eye out, though, as you'll likely be attacked from behind as you make your way towards the control panel.

After setting the charge, return to the bottom of the steps and move out to the west, where a gap should've been blown in the fence. Your path back to the ship will be blocked by a German troop train, which'll issue forth a couple dozen German recruits, so, again, take cover and start chopping them up, or use Adrenaline to mow them down. Before you finish off the mission by heading onto the boat, be sure to find and destroy the anti-aircraft gun on the roof of one of the buildings here. You can either climb the steps to the north, or find the stairwell inside the building the AA gun is situated atop of to climb up that way. Detonating them should give you six out of seven objectives complete, leaving only the dash back to the ship before you're done with everything.

3 - Lights Out In The Port City


  • Destroy Power Plant
  • Eliminate German Infantry Unit
  • Destroy 3 V2 Rocket Hulls
  • Eliminate Horst Brenner
  • Obtain the V2 Rocket Blueprints
  • Destroy the German U-Boat

Time to blow up a power plant!

The first objective here is relatively straightforward; you need to rush across the courtyard outside the field hospital and kill all of the German infantrymen on the far side, near the lighthouse. Your strategy will be dictated by your difficulty level; you obviously want to be fairly conservative if you're playing on a relatively hard setting, but if you're on the default difficulty, feel free to use the machinegun to clear a path then rush them.

After you've killed all of the Germans, you'll have to bust through the bunker on the southern side of the square to move on. There'll be a large hangar to your right; after killing the Germans in your way, head inside and shoot down the three V2 Rocket Hulls inside the building. No need to get too coy here; just hitting the hulls with your automatic weapon should be sufficient to bring them down after a few seconds.

With that done, continue proceeding carefully to the west through a warehouse, until you come to a dock. Down at the bottom of the ramp here is a U-Boat which you'll be tasked with destroying; it'll require three separate charges, one on the bow, one on the stern, and one on the conning tower. You may want to kill off the Germans in the area before attempting to lay these charges, especially on a harder difficulty, as you'll probably come under fire if you don't.

Horst Brenner is best taken out with grenades.

With the U-boat sunk, head through the buildings to the northwest until you come to the exterior of the power station. There are plenty of Germans hiding behind the conveniently placed barricades, so you'll have to move slowly, or just use Adrenaline to bust through them all and kill the machinegunner behind them. It's probably unwise to do so, though, since Horst Brenner is inside the building, and he'll be a lot easier to kill if you approach him with your superpowers activated. He'll probably hide inside one of the upper rooms just inside the entrance to the power station, making him difficult to approach, but if you use grenades on him (and there should be a pack in the room just beneath him) you can take him out without ever setting eyes on him, thanks to the marker above his head. He will take a good number of grenades to kill, though. He'll drop the V2 Rocket Blueprints, which is another mission objective, so pick them up.

Your final objective of the level is to destroy the power station itself. There are three dynamos to blow, each of them in a single room in the basement of the station. You'll have another little corridor crawl to get there, so wend your way through the bowels of the station until you reach the dynamos and set your charges, but be careful of snipers on the walkways above you; you can shoot through the mesh of the walkways and hit them if you aim up.

With three charges placed, all you have left to do is escape from the power plant. When you reach the exterior steps, your squadmates will be under fire from German infantry, and you yourself will need to work your way through them to find the explosive plunger on the other side of the first wooden barricade. If you have Adrenaline, then now would be the perfect time to use it. When you do find the plunger, press it down to blow the building and end the mission.

4 - Escape At Dawn


  • Escape to French Countryside
  • Eliminate Erich Koster
  • Obtain North African Shipping Manifest
  • Eliminate the Machinegun Nest
  • Destroy the Radar Tower
  • Destroy the Panzer Tank

This level is fairly linear, so it's difficult to miss the objectives.

Ah yes, the ever-popular escape-through-the-ruined-cityscape level. Fans of Medal of Honor may be dreading the obligatory dodge-the-sniper level, as appeared way back in Allied Assault, but this is a bit more conventional than that. Although the level takes place in city corridors, and is this fairly hemmed-in, you'll still have to deal with normal enemies with normal weapons, so it's not anything you haven't faced before. You will start seeing tanks in this level, though, so be ready for them.

After the first skirmish, you'll head to the right into a building, and will be ordered to search it for supplies. To do so, head upstairs, but walk up facing backwards, as there'll be a Karabiner-wielding foe keeping watch over it and waiting for you to appear. After killing him, return downstairs and head through the door there to reach another street. When moving up it, though, you'll be alerted to the presence of a machinegun around the corner, so head up into an open door on your left to reach the upper levels of the building there, where you'll find a destroyed room overlooking the machine gun. Kill as many of the soldiers within the opposite building as possible before returning to the street and killing the rest to complete the machinegun objective.

Around the corner from the MG nest, you'll reach second squad, who'll inform you of a Panzer Tank in the area, which you'll need to destroy. Unfortunately, the building that blocks your path is incredibly well-defended, initially by a machinegunner, and then by soldiers wielding MP40s that'll pop out of the windows and rake your soldiers and yourself if you get too close to the wall. You'll want to just sit behind cover and start picking everyone off with your Garand or Karabiner until all of the soldiers in the windows are dead; at this point, your squadmates will automatically blow the door in the building, allowing you to move on.

After proceeding through a couple of buildings, you'll eventually be alerted to the presence of the Panzer, which makes its entrance in grand fashion. After the wall is destroyed, wait a few moments for your air support to come in; it'll destroy the tank and complete your objective. Shortly thereafter, one of the AI players will kick in a door, allowing you to move down the stairs there and into the church courtyard. Duck behind the fountain here to avoid the MG fire while poking your head out to take down the gunner, then dash across the courtyard to the open building and around the corner to the church itself.

The radar tower here can be bypassed if you rush after Erich Koster. Be sure to blow it before heading to the end of the mission.

Inside the church is Erich Koster, who'll hide behind the altar and fire at your men as you approach. If you have Adrenaline, then now would be the time to use it; otherwise, just take down his supporting cast and try to box Koster in before you finish him off. When he dies, he'll drop the North African Shipping Manifests. The Radar Tower objective is also findable through a hole in the wall of the church, so destroy it to complete the fifth of your six objectives. All that remains now is to effect your escape from the city.

Unfortunately, another tank is going to be standing in your way as you attempt to exfiltrate through the church graveyard. You don't have any air support handy now, so you'll have to take it out with grenades. Luckily, there are dozens of grenades scattered around the graveyard, which is obviously where everyone stores their excess grenades in times of war. To take out the tank, you'll have to duck behind cover and just throw as many grenades at it as you can; it'll usually take around ten grenades before it goes down for the count, so try to stay out of its line of fire until it blows up real good.

North Africa

1 - Operation: Blindfold


  • Eliminate Adabold Brecht
  • Acquire Tiger Tank Operations Manuals
  • Destroy Tiger Tank Prototypes
  • Destroy Panzer Tank in Ruins
  • Sabotage German Radar Dish
  • Recover British Reconnaissance
  • Escape Into Bunker

There are a few ways to proceed across the large plain here, but it's safest to cross in the north.

This is going to be a rather difficult mission, for a number of reason. First off, you're going to have to destroy a couple of tanks, at least if you want to complete all of the secondary objectives; secondly, you're going to have an odd pair of weapons initially. The sniper rifle and shotgun are devastating at long and close ranges, respectively, but you're going to find it difficult to kill enemies at medium range with either weapon. When you spot a fallen MP40, you'll probably want to switch your shotgun for it.

To start out, you'll be faced with a choice of paths; you can either head right to reach the southern end of the first large canyon, or head left to reach the northern end. You'll have to head to the northern end eventually, as there's a tank in the ruins on the southern side that'll blow your team to bits if you engage it, but if you take the right path, then head up into the small side canyon, you can find a medkit before walking back around to the northern side of the canyon and heading out from there.

The walls and obstacles on the northern side of the canyon are going to hide plenty of enemies, so keep your shotgun handy for close-range encounters and do your best to finish off as many enemies as possible while making your way around the area. There are also going to be two distant machine-gunners that'll be gunning for you, one in the hills to the northeast and one in the bunker at the end of the trench due east. These guys can be taken out rather easily with your sniper rifle; you can use the D-pad to zoom in and out as necessary. Feel free to pick off any other soldiers with the sniper rifle, as well.

When you've cleared out most of the enemies on the northern side of the canyon, charge into the northern end of the trench and start working your way south. You can either proceed along the trench itself, or via the tunnel which is accessible via the bunkers at either end of the trench; there's a room inside the tunnel that contains the Tiger Tank Operations Manual, so you'll have to head down there eventually anyway. When you have it, head down to the southern bunker and use the MG there to fire away at any soldiers to your west; you should be able to spot the rear end of the Panzer tank in the ruins there. That'll be the second optional objective for you, so leave the bunker when it's relatively clear and head out.

Approach the Panzer from behind if you don't want to get killed by it.

The ruins around the Panther are infested with Germans, so you may want to take the initiative and chuck a few grenades around the tank and into the many small side passages to clear it out a bit. The tank here can't move, and can't fire at you when you're standing beside it or to its side, so you should be able to move with relative impunity, but be careful of soldiers hiding around corners. When the coast is relatively clear, you can grab some more grenade ammo from the box behind the tank and start pelting it with explosives. Eventually it'll die, polishing off one more objective. Now that it's dead, you may want to explore to the west a bit; there are probably some medkits between the ruins and the canyons you started in that you bypassed earlier.

With the tank here out of the way, it's time to head north and Sabotage the German Radar Tower. The tower is located in the small side area to the north of the trench-and-bunker system. Unfortunately, after you beat back the swarming Wehrmacht, enter the bunker here, and sabotage the tower with a charge, another Panzer tank will spawn in the canyon below you and start making its way up into the side area. You have another box of infinite grenade ammo to work with, but unfortunately there's going to be plenty of soldiers following the tank up, and your teammates don't exactly do a great job of getting out of the line of fire. The easiest way to take down the tank is to crouch down inside the bunker and waiting for it to stop outside, then pelting it with grenades, but you'll still have to deal with the infantry. The bunker will still provide adequate cover, but you'll have to watch for enemies coming in from the side.

After fighting your way back down to the canyon, pass through the trench and head to the east. Before heading north to reach your primary objective, though, proceed into a passageway to the southeast, towards a wounded soldier. He'll report that his plane got shot down, and that the Germans are currently attempting to recover the recon photographs that they took; it's up to you to go in there and stop them! Another group of firefights will ensue, including one against Adabold Brecht, the nemesis for this level. If you can follow him back to his final hiding spot, you should be able to get a number of headshots on him from behind cover, finishing him off once and for all. The British Recon is also going to be near his position, in the fuselage of one of the fallen planes. Grab that before returning to the wounded soldier and heading north, to the Tiger Tank prototypes.

The prototypes are going to be well-guarded, obviously, but you will have extra soldiers on your side at this point, so focus on sniping out any threats to your well-being from a distance, being especially careful to nab any machinegunners or soldiers in the bunker to the north. When you've hit a lull in the action, find the only Tiger Tank prototype in the area and set a charge on it. Its destruction will result in the opening of the nearby hangar, which contains another couple of tanks, as well as a number of soldiers, so charge in and destroy the remaining tanks. With that done, you'll be given the final objective, to Escape Into the Bunker. In order to do so, you'll need to place a charge on the bunker door, then head inside, which will end the mission.

2 - Operation: V2 Silence


  • Destroy V2 Rocket
  • Eliminate Hans Schneider
  • Locate Coded Virus House Information
  • Rescue SAS Prisoners
  • Steal V2 Test Film
  • Obtain V2 Rocket Specifications
  • Escape the Factory

Again, it's difficult to miss any objectives here.

The first half of this level is going to take place in some tight corridors, so if you still have your sniper rifle, you'll want to discard it for something more suited to close-range encounters, ideally an MP40 or a shotgun. Proceeding through the corridors in this bunker is going to be a trial-and-error proposition, especially on the harder difficulty settings. Feel free to get preemptive and chuck grenades into every seemingly-empty room in your path, as most of them will have enemies in them, just waiting to fill you full of lead.

Although you begin the level alone, you will soon be able to gain a few teammates, by rescuing the SAS prisoners. There are three of these guys locked up in the tunnels, so you'll need to track them all down and blow the doors to their cells in order to free them. With a couple soldiers on your side, you'll find that you'll have a much easier time of getting through the tunnels, although you'll have to proceed slowly, since your teammates will often get slowed down by all the twists and turns.

When you have the three soldiers on your side, head south towards the theater. There are three objectives located in this area: the V2 Test Film, Hans Schneider, and the Coded Virus House Information. Hans is obviously going to be the toughest part of this area, since he hides in a small room that's difficult to enter without getting shredded; if you have Adrenaline, use it now and beat him down before it wears off. When he's down, grab the Virus info from the desk nearby, then retrieve the film from the projector in the theater before moving to the east and up the ramp leading to the V2 factory. (Note that there's a box containing another sniper rifle in a small office near the bottom of the ramp; you may want to grab it here, since you'll be heading into another outdoors area at this point in the level.)

After you reach the top of the ramp, eliminate the machinegunner in the tower outside and start working your way along the northern road here. When you're halfway to the eastern wall, you should get a radio signal alerting you to the presence of V2 Rocket Specifications, which you'll need to photograph, so head inside the small office nearby to do so. Around the corner, you'll come to a set of train tracks, which are the last optional objective; lay a charge here and blow them.

If you don't want to deal with the tank, or don't have enough grenades for it, just run around it.

On the southern side of the factory, you'll run into some pretty heavy resistance in the form of a tank and a whole mess of Germans in the buildings around the area. Do your best to take out the Germans, of course, but you don't necessarily have to worry about the tank. It's not an objective for you, so if you can, feel free to run around behind it and into the factory from the west. If you wish to, you can of course blow it up with grenades.

Inside the factory, you're going to have to fight your way to the crane control room. You can do so via a number of paths, obviously, but if you stick to the floor, be sure to keep an eye on the rafters overhead for snipers. If you take to the rafters yourself, you'll be able to snipe the snipers and then fire downwards onto the enemies below you, but they appear to have an infinite number of reinforcements coming from within the control room, so do your best to get there quickly and penetrate it, using Adrenaline if you have to. On the ceiling of the control room, you'll find a switch that will lower the V2 rocket onto the traincar below; if you then run down and set a charge on the V2 Rocket, you'll destroy it. You can then Escape from the hangar to complete the mission.


1 - The Road To Stalingrad


  • Destroy German Railgun
  • Locate Partisan Fighters
  • Eliminate Walther Neumann
  • Obtain Ardennes Forest Recon Dossier
  • Destroy Three Panzer Tanks
  • Destroy German Ammo Depot
  • Destroy Communications Tower
  • Capture and Defend the Church

Here's where it starts to get hard....

This is going to be your first really difficult mission, and is going to be a challenge even on the default difficulty level. On harder difficulties, you're probably going to have to restart a number of times before you're able to push your way through.

At the outset, creep along the road and start plunking Germans with your Gewehr. After they're alerted to your presence, they'll hide, but you should still be able to take them down from a distance. When you reach the first home, you'll be flagged over by a resistance fighter; head downstairs to recruit a few partisans and polish off the first objective. You'll want the rocket launcher here; we usually gave up the Gewehr to obtain it.

With the partisans along for the ride, it'll be time to start the difficult part of the mission; you now have to sweep through the southern ruins here until you reach a hill. It's going to be exceedingly difficult to fight your way through the ruins, thanks to the flanking actions of the Germans, and given your squad's lovely penchant for running right into enemy fire, it'll be best to just position them somewhere to the rear and hope they can stay out of trouble. Assaulting the hill (which has the first of three Panzers at the top of it) will essentially require an Adrenaline charge; just kill people until you obtain one, then charge the hill and attempt to finish off as many Germans as possible before you revert to normal. The Panzer here can rotate in a full 360 degrees, so there's no safe zone, but it's pretty slow to do so, and you shouldn't have any problems getting on its flank and hitting it with a couple of bazooka shots to blow it. We found aiming for its side to be the best way to kill it quickly; it should only take two rounds before exploding. If it takes three, don't worry; you'll find more rounds for the bazooka fairly soon. After it's gone, chuck a couple of grenades into the bunker beneath it, then run down to find some ammo and medkits, then return to the Nebelwerfer nearby and use it to destroy the railgun and finally stop the damn vibrations in your controller.

With the railgun gone, it's time to charge the village to your east and reach the church on the far side. There are, of course, some side objectives along the way; there are two more Panzers, for instance, that need to be blown up. There are two bridges leading into the village, but the southern one nearest you has probably been destroyed, so head north a bit until you find the second bridge and cross it, heading into the closest building for cover as soon as possible. If you head into the first building on the left side of the road, then you should be able to find four more rounds for your bazooka, which will hopefully be enough to kill off the remaining two tanks. The northernmost remaining tank will change positions when it spots you, so dash from house to house, killing Germans as you go. If you run out of bazooka ammo, then you can pick up grenades from the large house on the eastern side of town, opposite the church. This building will also have a Gewehr which you can switch out your bazooka for after you have no more need of it.

When the village is relatively clear, head to the northeastern corner and blow the ammo depot there. Doing so will trigger an influx of Russian reinforcementsWith that out of the way, it's time to assault the church, which is obviously going to be a risky proposition. Unfortunately the entire German army is apparently on hand to halt your advance, and their numbers can't really be overcome, as they'll continually flood the graveyard as you take them down. There isn't much you can do here save attempt to flank them by heading up along the southern path, which wraps around the church and comes out at its rear side. You'll get a radio call alerting you to the presence of a communications tower near the church, which you can blow by placing a charge on it, but doing so will spawn a bunch more Germans on the southern path, so if you have an Adrenaline, now would be a good time to use it. As a matter of fact, more Germans should still be flooding into the graveyard behind you while you walk along the path; if you want another charge of Adrenaline before you head into the church (and it'll be helpful), start shooting at them with your Gewehr before completing the sweep around to the eastern side of the building and build up your meter a bit.

Given the openness of the church, it's best to approach Neumann with Adrenaline activated.

You don't want to just charge into the church here; instead, you should strafe across the eastern windows and make sure that there aren't any more soldiers inside. When you're ready to head inside, be watchful for the appearance of Walther Neumann, who'll first stay on the ground floor, then retreat to the upper level of the church. He'll be joined by a gaggle of Germans, so if you have an Adrenaline charge, then try to use it as soon as he appears and blast him with your PPSh before he can retreat. He'll drop the Ardennes Forest Dossier, so grab that as well.

Now that you've taken over the church, all you have to do is Defend it for a while until the mission ends. More Germans will be coming in from the west side of the church, so get up to the second floor and start picking them off. You'll probably want to avoid using the machinegun here, as it has a limited field of fire, and will leave you wide open to enemy fire. We personally still had ten grenades at this point, so we just cooked those over and over and started chucking them down onto the enemies below us. After a few waves of Germans come and go, you'll complete the mission.

2 - Climbing Mamayev Hill


  • Radio Intelligence to OSS
  • Eliminate Franz Gruebner
  • Steal Heavy Water Test Logbook
  • Destroy Panzer Tank
  • Meet Russian Officer
  • Radio for Rocket Strike
  • Destroy Artillery Guns
  • Destroy German Intelligence

Hope you like getting shot at, because it'll happen a lot here.

This is definitely going to be the hardest mission you've faced yet, so hopefully you'll be entering with your game face on. You're going to be going up against overwhelming odds and taking a lot of fire. If you're playing on the hardest difficulty level, then we're assuming that you're just going to have to get incredibly lucky to get through this mission, because there are times when you're pretty much forced to advance under heavy fire.

To begin with, though, exit the road you begin on and head to the west, entering the first building on your left to find a bazooka. Pick it up, temporarily trading out your Mosin-Nagant, and head south, wrapping around the building there until you come up adjacent to a Panzer, which you've been asked to destroy. Do so with the bazooka, then trade it back in for your Mosin-Nagant rifle and start cleaning out the rest of the town and searching for items. Be sure to get the revive dropped by the tank.

When you're ready to move on, proceeding down the hill to meet the Russian officer. He's situated in a trench overlooking the river, near a medikit. He'll tell you to provide covering fire for the troops heading across the bridge here, but just ignore him and head down into the room behind him for another medikit. (There's another medkit in another small room on the northern end of the trench, which you may find worthwhile to seek out.) After a while, you'll be ordered to signal the rocket strike, which you'll have to cross the bridge to do. This is going to be fairly impossible to do without a full load of adrenaline, so if you're not topped out, you'll need to whip out your Mosin-Nagant and peek up above the trenches to drop a few Germans on the far side of the river until you are. The machinegunners here appear to spawn infinitely, but the Germans in the trench in front of the left will eventually stop spawning, so before you make your dash across the bridge, be sure to kill them until they stop coming, or just wait a few minutes for your AI teammates to take them down.

After you're prepared to cross the bridge, pop up out of the trench and start running. The machinegunners aren't fantastic shots, so if you're lucky, you should be able to avoid getting hit, but it's still just a matter of luck, for the most part. The smoke signal you need to reach for the rocket strike is smack dab in the middle of the street here, and is watched over by a good number of Germans and a Panzer, so in order to reach it, you'll pretty much have to have Adrenaline flipped on. When you do, make a dash for the smoke signal, use it, then retreat to the bunker near the river that you passed by to wait out the strike. After the rockets come in, the Panzer should be destroyed, and a number of Russian reinforcements will cross the bridge, which will thin out the number of Germans somewhat and allow you to check the buildings here for ammo and medkits. Just proceed slowly and try to keep your health up, as the next section of the fight is pretty tough.

Now, the hill leading to the fortress is covered by a few German trenches and another Panzer. The Panzer here is an optional kill, and there indeed aren't any infinite grenade boxes in the area, so you may want to just ignore it as best you can if you're on the default difficulty and instead wrap around from the western wall to clear out the trench near it and the MG nest next to the gate before planting the charge on the door there to bust through.

Franz can be killed, but you'll have to avoid getting blown up by the tank while you shoot at him.

As soon as the door here is blown, you'll get the Eliminate Franz Gruebner objective. He's moving around inside the courtyard here, which, of course, is watched over by another Panzer. Franz here can be taken out in a couple of ways. If you have a full Adrenaline meter, then park your teammates in a safe place, hit your superpowers, then run up to him and blast him in the face. Otherwise, you can head through the gate, pass through the hallway of the building to the right (being mindful of the many Germans in the building) until you find a gap in the wall that'll let you flank him while remaining out of sight of the Panzer. From this vantage point, you can pop up from behind the wall and blast Franz until he dies, then dash out to grab the Heavy Water Test Logbook which he drops. The Panzer shouldn't be able to rotate fast enough to track you, but the former option is of course the better of the two.

Regardless of Franz's mortality, you'll need to pass through the building to reach the final objective of the level. Along the way you'll notice a trio of artillery pieces firing out the wrecked walls; destroy them all with charges. With that done, you can move around to find the radio with which you can Contact the OSS, then head downstairs near the war map to destroy the German Intelligence, which will end the mission.

Battle of the Bulge

1 - Mission to Rocherath


  • Fall Back to American Command Post
  • Eliminate German Recon Unit in Windmill
  • Eliminate Folker Kappelhoff
  • Uncover Atomic Scientist Rosters
  • Destroy the King Tiger Tanks
  • Radio In Artillery Strike
  • Find C2 Charge
  • Destroy the Bridge Leading Out of Town

It's time to kick it up a notch. A notch of hardness, that is.

Well, if you thought the last mission was hard, welcome to hell. The final trio of missions are going to be bruisers, mostly due to the way that they nonchalantly throw tanks at you and assume that four dudes are going to be sent out to take on a whole German division. Time for some fun.

Speaking of which, as soon as you begin the level, your position will be in the midst of being overrun by a squad of Germans. There isn't much you can do here save to run, so leave the little house that you're in and hide on its southern side for a few moments; this will let the German forces move past you. They'll be followed by a Panzer. You may get excited by the presence of a bazooka near the house, but don't get too hasty to fire away, as the Panzer appears to be indestructible at this point. It likewise can't be destroyed by the box of explosives on the road, so just ignore them. You'll still want to trade your pistol for the bazooka, but it can wait until the enemies have safely passed on.

You'll have to kill the Germans in this park a couple of times before they finally give up on it.

After you spot the tank coming to a halt in the park near the windmill here, you'll need to run towards the small missile-launching apparatus on the hill there and flip it on. This should destroy the Panzer, although it may not; if it's still alive after the rocket salvo, you'll have to finish it off with a bazooka round. You should obtain the first objective, to enter the windmill and eliminate the German recon unit, by this point, but before you head inside, you'll probably want to sweep around to the east of the park and hide behind one of the low walls there to use your BAR to shoot away some of the Germans within, or they'll pelt you with bullets as you attempt to cross the field. You may spot another Panzer roaming the streets here, as well as another stationary tank shooting its machinegun; just ignore them for now.

When the path to the windmill is relatively free of enemy fire, head into it, but be ready for some trouble, as two Germans will come down the stairs fairly quickly. Kill them both, then head upstairs; you may want to chuck a grenade into the upper floor before you get all the way up there, as there's a German with a sniper rifle up there that'll take off a big chunk of your health if he hits you. When he's dead, head up to his little roost and (temporarily) trade your bazooka for the scoped rifle. Unfortunately, your actions in the windmill will have completely repopulated the German population of the park, so you'll have to carefully take them out with the sniper rifle before you head downstairs. To begin with, use your BAR to lean out and kill the German to the left of the door leading out to the balcony here, then start sniping away at the Germans in the park. Just stay low and use your lean function to get an idea of where each one is before popping up and gunning them down. You may just want to park your soldiers at the bottom of the windmill to prevent them from getting into trouble while you're sniping.

When you've killed them all, switch your sniper rifle back for your bazooka and walk back out onto the balcony. There's another ammo pickup here for the bazooka, which should give you enough ammo to use on the tank that's appeared below. If you position to the right and somewhat behind the ammo box, in fact, you should be able to fire through the gap behind the handrail and the floor of the balcony and hit the tank without it being able to shoot you back.

Now that the area around the windmill is relatively clear, take a moment to explore and find any medkits that you might've passed over before. There's one near the missile launcher, and another one in the relatively intact house a bit to the east of the park. There's another one in the park itself, so grab it, then head out to the American Command Post. Before you head inside, though, check around the building for a few more rounds of bazooka ammo.

Inside the building, grab the Atomic Scientist Rosters from the desk to complete your first objective, then get ready to rumble, as three King Tiger Tanks will head into the area and start shelling the place. There's a trap set up for one of them, with no fewer than four explosive boxes on the road, but even if you detonate them while the tank is directly underneath them, they don't seem to have much effect, at least on the Xbox version of the game. You'll need to use your bazooka to do the damage here, but at least you should have plenty of ammo for it. We found it best to head up to the second floor of the building (the stairs are in the rear) and fire from there, but your mileage may vary. Watch your back, as Germans will come up the stairs and pelt you in the back if you're not careful.

Folker can be killed with a couple of rocket strikes, if you can live long enough to fire them.

After the tanks are destroyed, you'll have to head into the cathedral and find the C2 in the tower there. To go inside, come around to the western side of it, where one of the doors will blow open, revealing a few German soldiers. The interior of the church is quiet, though - too quiet. Grab the medkits before finding the stairs leading up to the tower. Keep your soldiers, back, though, as Folker Kappelhoff will be standing on the stairs, waiting to fire down on you. If you have Adrenaline, then feel free to charge him; otherwise, a couple of bazooka rounds from below should finish him off. You'll also get the objective to Transmit the Artillery Coordinates here. To do so, you'll need to head up the steps a bit, but they're covered by a number of Germans in the opposite buildings. If you're on a difficulty level where you can survive a few hits, feel free to rush up the stairs until you reach the third landing and use the little red box there to call in the artillery; doing so will destroy the remaining tanks in the area and hopefully kill off a few of the Germans. Otherwise, you'll need to peek around windows with your BAR until the Germans have been taken off; they're not on infinite spawns here, so you should be able to do so relatively easily.

When you've reached the top of the tower, you'll find the C2 Charge. With that in hand, you'll be given your final objective, to Destroy the Bridge on the other side of town. Unfortunately, your egress through the church will be disrupted by a horde of Germans that are intent on stopping your mission. If you wait long enough, though, a group of Germans will blow open the door nearest the exit from the stairs, which leads east. If you head out there, you'll be confronted with more Germans, but if you take a left and make it to the northern end of the building across from the church, you should be able to rest for a second. On harder difficulties you'll obviously have to proceed a bit more slowly. There are at least three medkits in the buildings on the north side of these two streets, so check for them, then meet up with a few more soldiers to the east. They'll show you a path that'll cut around the German fortifications and lead to the bridge.

Once you come to the gap in the wall leading to the river, you'll almost definitely have to have a charge of adrenaline to proceed, as there'll be a huge number of Germans waiting for you, as well as at least one tank that'll be gunning at you. You may want to save your Adrenaline until you're actually in the riverbed, and just use your medkits until you get up close to the charge-planting spot, then activate your Adrenaline and bask in the invulnerable glow until you actually plant the charge; when it's planted, the mission's over. Unfortunately, your teammates seem to be almost brain-dead here, and have some severe problems with actually shooting the enemies, so you'll probably be on your own. If you want, feel free to order them to charge ahead down the riverbed to distract the soldiers while you run towards the charge spot and blow the bridge.

2 - Farmhouse Liberation


  • Rescue French Operative
  • Eliminate Freder Engel
  • Discover Virus House Information
  • Destroy King Tiger Tank
  • Destroy Three German Artillery Guns
  • Defend the Farmhouse and Destroy Incoming Tanks

Hope you like getting shot at, because it'll happen a lot here.

It's time to track down Manon, the apparently money-loving French operative that's been captured by the Germans and squirreled away in the farmhouse near your position. You'll need to cross a bridge under heavy fire, eliminate the troops at the farmhouse, then enter the house and rescue Manon before waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

From your initial position, move down and to your right and hide behind one of the brick walls there. With your scoped Garand, you'll be able to take a shot at one of the sentries on the far side of the bridge, which will spawn a couple of enemies in the right house across the river. Snipe them out, then move down to the rear of the bridge and use the brick barriers there to start dealing with the soldiers that come across it. When you attempt to actually cross the bridge, a sniper and a machine gunner will appear in the leftmost building, so, again, snipe them out before moving on. If you don't want to cross the bridge itself, you can head down to the riverbed and cross that way, and indeed there's an extra medkit down there, so you may want to go that way; just be careful of the machinegunner. In fact, it's best to stay on the eastern side of the bridge after spawning the sniper and gunner, as this will also spawn a dozen or so Germans that'll hide behind various obstacles on the far side of the river; it's easier to snipe them than get up close and personal.

There are plenty of sniping targets out there if you look for them before blowing the gate.

When you think the coast is clear, check the windmill (being mindful of guards coming down from above) and the other house for medkits and ammo. It'd be wise to switch your M1 for an STG if you can find one, if only because ammo will be easier to find for the German weapon. With the approach to the farmhouse fairly clear, it's time to start eliminating some of its defenses a bit. There are plenty of Germans around and in the farmhouse, so start at either the far north or south end of the wall outside of it and start picking off anyone you see. These guys don't spawn infinitely, although occasionally a soldier will take the place of a machinegunner that you snipe. There are at least twenty of them in various positions around the house, so hopefully you have enough Garand ammo to deal with them all. If not, you may just have to blow the tankbarriers outside the house and use Adrenaline to rush into the courtyard. It's obviously best to get as many of them as you can before proceeding inside, though, as there's a Tiger Tank in the southern part of the courtyard that'll be firing its machineguns at you soon after you come in. One of your objectives is to destroy it, while another secondary objectives is to blow the three Artillery Guns around the house.

Assuming you manage to get most of the soldiers out of commission before entering the yard, then you can blow the gate and proceed into the stable to your right; the Tiger shouldn't start firing on you yet. More Germans will start appearing, so duck around the open entrances and start picking them off as best you can while moving to the north and then sweeping to the southwest, around to the back of the farmhouse, using the buildings for cover. There are medkits here, at least, so pick those up as you see them. You'll run into the first artillery gun in the northwestern corner of the yard, so blow it before moving to the south. Eventually you'll come to a small shed in the southwestern corner which contains an M1 Bazooka; with it, you'll be able to flank the Panzer and take it out. Drop your scoped Garand to pick up the Bazooka, and be sure to hold onto the Bazooka after you use it; it'll be more useful than the Garand for the rest of the mission. With the Panzer gone, you can grab the Revive that it drops, then finish off the last two artillery pieces for another Revive, as well. (If you build up Adrenaline during all this, try to save it for later.)

Now that you have your path to the farmhouse cleared and the exterior objectives accomplished, it's time to rescue Manon. Now, the easiest way to get to her is to just avoid the entrance to the house, which is in the northeastern corner, and takes the form of a hole in the wall. This is a bit of a bottleneck, and will spawn more enemies in if you enter through it. It's preferable for you to just jump through one of the windows in the farmhouse itself, then order your teammates to follow you in. They may take a few hits as they come through the house, but they should be able to quickly catch up with you. They're likely to die soon anyway, so it's not a huge deal if they get wounded here.

Manon is found in the basement of the farmhouse, behind a sealed door. She's guarded over by Freder Engel, who happens to have the Virus House Location on him as well. If you have Adrenaline, now would be a great time to use it. (There's more Bazooka ammo here, so be sure to grab it.) When he's dead, and Manon's on your team, you'll get your last objective: Destroy the Tanks that are coming to the farmhouse. Unfortunately, they're accompanied by around, say, a billion German soldiers. Well, that's hyperbole, but there are a huge number of soldiers that'll be coming for you. Your normal teammates will quickly die under the onslaught, but Manon, luckily, is unkillable, and will be a big help in defending your position until the Tigers come up to a point where you can hit them with your bazooka.

The upper floor is best for taking out these Panzers.

Now, between the Bazooka ammo that you got before destroying the first Panzer and the ammo you found in the farmhouse basement, you should hopefully have six rounds, which will be just enough to destroy the two Tigers in the area. If not, we'll deal with that later, but you should definitely have three from the basement alone, which will be enough to take out one of them. The proper defensive position here is to head north, station Manon at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the second level of the house, then head up to the second level by yourself. Since Manon's indestructible, she should be able to prevent the Germans from coming up the stairs behind you, giving you plenty of time to kill the Tigers with your Bazooka.

One of the Tigers will park itself near the fountain outside the farmhouse, while the other will start patrolling the exterior and the rear of the house. The one that moves around should be the one that you target first; you'll have a few windows that open up on the rear, so it shouldn't be difficult to hit. Just be sure not to fire when it's right next to the house, or you'll get severely wounded by your own explosive. After it's gone, you can find an angle on the further tank, being sure to use aimed mode for extra accuracy on your shots. If you need more ammo, or if you just want to look for another angle of attack, you should be able to jump out of a window near the top of the stairs here and cross the roof to the upper level of the farmhouse, where there's an infinite amount of bazooka ammo. From there you should be able to hit both tanks relatively easily.

3 - Operation: Virus House


  • Find and Infiltrate German Underground Bunker
  • Eliminate Von Schrader
  • Find Von Schrader's Journal
  • Destroy Three Entrenched Tanks
  • Radio For Airstrikes
  • Prevent the Bomb From Detonating

Hope you like getting shot at, because it'll happen a lot here.

Yeah, this is going to be a delight. In order to polish off the game, you'll have to cross a warzone studded with German tanks and a large number of infantrymen, push through the German lines, head into an underground bunker, then kill Von Schrader and disable his atomic weapon by yourself.

To begin with, grab the medkit near you, then head north through the trenches to find another medkit and a bazooka. Near the northern end of this trench will be a rocket system aimed at a parked Panzer, so use it, and cross your fingers that the Panzer actually blows up; if it doesn't, you can polish it off with a bazooka round.

At this point you'll have to start leaving the trenches and making your way to the west, across the open ground. This is obviously going to be difficult, given the density of enemy fire, so try to stick in the trenches as often as possible and use your Garand to pick off foes before heading out across the open areas of the map. It's probably safest to return to the southern wall of the field and cross along it, just to cut down on the number of enemies that can fire on you, but an optional objective which has you Radioing In an Airstrike, can only be accomplished if you find its location in the western trenches of the Allied line, near the road that juts out into the field. There's green smoke wafting up right next to it. If you can reach it and call in the airstrike, then another of the tanks will be destroyed, but you'll have to head in under some heavy fire to reach it. You will, however, get a revive for completing the objective, which is going to come in handy towards the end of the level.

Even if you do perform the airstrike, you'll probably want to return to the southern end of the area and cross over from there, proceeding extremely slowly and killing any Germans you spot before dashing from one trench to the next. There are going to be plenty of tanks and MG positions firing at you, and you won't be able to do much about them until you get closer, so try to stay out of the trenches for a minimum amount of time. When you do move out, use the trees as cover, and duck into the shell craters in no-man's-land to protect yourself for a moment while planning your next move.

Avoid rushing straight at the enemy here; move side to side to avoid their fire.

When you get far enough across the gap, you'll get the second objective, to Destroy Three Entrenched King Tigers. You can theoretically do this with a bazooka, but it's much easier to just get into the trench that runs behind them and plant charges on their rear. The kicker here is that there's a Panzer roaming the area behind them; in order to destroy it you'll probably need to grab a Bazooka, but there's plenty of those lying around. They're most densely packed into the bunker area immediately to the west of the Tigers, so if you wait for the Panzer to head north, you should be able to rush across the road and head in there before it can fire at you. When you have enough ammo (plan for it to take at least three shots), find a good place to aim at the Panzer and take it down. Note that your teammates may move in some unorthodox ways here, but if they get caught out in the open and taken out, don't worry too much about it, as you're almost at the point where they'll be leaving your presence anyway.

When the Panzer's gone, wait for the influx of German soldiers from the north and take them down (if you're lucky you can take them all down with a single bazooka round while they're coming around the northeastern wall of the road), then explore the bunker to find another medkit before heading back to the Tigers and blowing them up with charges.

By this point, the southern portion of the battlefield should be relatively quiet, so feel free to scout around for any medkits that you bypassed. When you're ready to move on, head north from the King Tiger positions to meet up with some more soldiers, who are preparing to charge the German line. This is a one-way trip, and quite a dangerous one at that; before you go, it'd be wise to try and load up on bazooka rounds.

When you reach the German lines, you'll have to effect another dangerous crossing of no-man's-land, but if you brought along enough bazooka rounds, you should be able to zoom in on the two tanks here and blast them from a good distance away, which will let you proceed fairly slowly, without the fear of random explosive death. Just be sure to pick off any Germans that you spot, or they'll wind up flanking you when you proceed in too quickly. Note the presence of numerous bazooka rounds in the eastern side of this area; it'd be wise to pair up a bazooka with an automatic weapon, like the STG or the BAR, when you head into the bunker, so grab as many of them as you can.

When you're ready to move up the hill to the bunker, wait for the Panzer to come out at the top, then move up a bit until you see the friendly plane start to make a run; it'll take down the Panzer, allowing you to move on up. It's around here that your friendly soldiers will disappear, if they indeed are even still alive at this point. When you reach the top of the little hill here, there'll be two solders on the left, two on the right, and three in each of the small pillboxes built into the bunker on either side of the door. After killing them all, blow the door and start the leaning game; there's going to be a machinegunner in there at the outset, and more enemies will spawn when you attempt to move in, so be prepared to backpedal back to the entrance and resume your leaning kills. There'll actually be a couple of waves of them, so keep moving in and darting out until the coast appears clear.

When you reach the yellow arrow on your minimap, a timer will start ticking down; Von Schrader has activated his doomsday device in a mad attempt at vengeance on you, so you'll have around two minutes to chop through dozens of his troops, kill him, then shut down the device before it blows half the forest to bits. The door behind you is sealed, so you won't be able to back up. Nice. The good news is that the timer is a bit generous, so although you have to move quickly, you can afford to fire from cover and avoid getting shot, and all that good stuff.

To begin with, you'll have a few soldiers coming at you from around the corner; after killing them off and moving around the corner, a half-dozen or so soldiers will rush you from the far end of the corridor. Now, if you happen to die here, then you can pretty much go ahead and push the restart button, because these guys will swarm over your body and immediately resume shooting at you when you revive, and there won't be much you can do about it. So you'll probably just revive, get killed immediately, revive, and so on until you run out of revives. Thus, you'll want to either use an Adrenaline charge here, and run down the hall, attempting to kill as many soldiers as you possibly can before it runs out, or duck around the corner and use a bazooka blast to take out as many of them as possible. Just be sure not to hit a body or an obstacle near you, as a close-range bazooka blast will kill you instantly. You'll almost certainly need adrenaline to take on Von Schrader, especially on the harder difficulties, so if possible, cook a grenade or use a bazooka to take down a bunch of these guys at once.

After proceeding down the hallway and reaching the stairs leading up to the next floor, search around for a medkit, then head up the stairs and into the small spire that the atomic bomb is rising up. This is where you're going to get incredibly frustrated, especially if you're on a harder difficulty; Von Schrader is going to start pelting you with machinegun rounds from the pillbox at the top of the building next to you, and soldiers will begin rappelling down the wall on either side of him to harass you. This is pretty much going to translate to near-instant death for you, in most cases; the only way we managed to survive it, on the default difficulty, was to enter the chamber, wait for Von Schrader to take up position in the gun, activate Adrenaline, then hit him with two bazooka rounds to kill him. When he dies, the door that you came through will open up, so head back into the stairwell and up the stairs. There shouldn't be any soldiers in the upper rooms of the building, so if you have a few medkits left, just rush past any soldiers in your way, up the stairs, and hit the switch to stop the bomb before it reaches the top of the spire and detonates.

This is by far the most difficult part of an already fairly challenging game, so it'll likely take you a few tries before you figure out how to get past the rush of enemies here. All we can really say is good luck; if you work out a technique that works better than the one outlined here, feel free to send it along via the feedback link on the table of contents.

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