MCM Expo - GameSpot Stage Schedule

The full and final schedule for the GameSpot stage at London Comic-Con, October 28-30.

MCM Expo is nearly upon us once again, so here's the final schedule for what's happening on the GameSpot stage, which you'll find at the centre of the hall. We've got live demos, Q&A sessions, tournaments, and more giveaways than you can shake a cosplayer's replica gunblade at.

Also, don't forget to check out all the playable games and the ongoing Trials Evolution leaderboard challenge in the nearby GameSpot booth. Join us or be destroyed.

Friday October 28
14.30 GameSpot UK podcast - MCM Special

15.30 Saints Row: The Third demo/Q&A session

16.00 Trials Evolution demo/Q&A session

16.30 Dark Souls demo/Q&A/tips session

17.00 Break (free hugs)

18.30 Friday MCM Official Gaia Session

Saturday October 29
09.30 Start/Select Live

10.00 Asura's Wrath demo/Q&A session

10.30 Trials Evolution demo/Q&A session

11.00 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 demo/Q&A session

11.30 King of Fighters XIII demo/Q&A session

12.00 Don Don Pachi Resurrection demo/Q&A session

12.30 Ninja Gaiden 3 demo/Q&A session

13.00 Break (maybe go buy some Pocky)

13.30 Street Fighter X Tekken demo/Q&A session

14.00 Street Fighter X Tekken tournament

14.30 Saints Row 3 demo/Q&A session

15.00 SoulCalibur V demo/Q&A session

15.30 SoulCalibur V tournament

16.00 Saints Row The Third tournament

16.30 Batman: Arkham City demo session

17.00 Batman: Arkham City Challenge Room tournament

17.30 Saturday MCM Official Gaia Session

Sunday October 30
10.30 Start/Select Live

11.00 Akai Katana announcement/Q&A session

11.30 Trials Evolution Tournament

12.00 Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends demo/Q&A session

12.30 Ask GameSpot!

13.00 Saints Row The Third demo/Q&A session

13.30 Break (free hugs)

14.30 Ridge Racer Unbounded demo/Q&A session

15.00 King of Fighters XIII tournament

16.00 Break (paid-for hugs)

16.30 Sunday Gaia Feedback Social

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awesome, will be there most of saturday can't wait XD