Max Steel Heads to the Dreamcast

An action-adventure game based on the Max Steel cartoon series is headed for the DC.

GameSpot News has learned that Mattel Interactive is currently working on a game based on the Max Steel cartoon show for the Dreamcast. The title is being described as a 3D adventure game similar to Tomb Raider, but with an added emphasis on action elements.

For those not familiar with the superhero Max Steel, here's his background story: Josh McGrath is a college sophomore who is really into sports. During a visit to see his father, an operative at N-TEK, an operative at the anti-terrorist organization N-TEK Josh is accidentally infused with experimental Nano-Tek Max probes, giving him superhuman strength and powers. Josh then begins his battle against the evil Dread organization intent on taking over the world - under the guise of Max Steel.

The Max Steel title for the Dreamcast is slated to release by the end of 2000. We'll keep you updated with new details and some first screens soon.

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