Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

This is my favorite guide on the Citadel. Our Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough covers the entire spectrum of the single player story, multiplayer tips, and how to build a powerful army.

What's New:

  • April 1 2012: Version 1.6 finished the remaining missions and added more about squad members.
  • March 28 2012: Version 1.5 new missions have been added.
  • March 26 2012: Version 1.4 includes more missions and a completed planet scanning list.
  • March 22 2012: Version 1.3 added multiplayer section and added info about the missing Shepard classes.
  • March 20 2012: Version 1.2 added the class and squad section, fixed some screenshots, and added more scanning info.
  • March 14 2012: Version 1.1 now with more missions, side quests, scanning information, screenshots, and videos.
  • March 6 2012: Version 1.0 will go live at midnight with info on Priority Missions, Side Quests, and War Assets for the first half of the game. Bookmark this page until then!

Note: Our first time through was as a Paragon Engineer with no imported save game. Your Personal Mass Effect 3 experience may differ.

Shepard and the Crew

In Mass Effect 3 Shepard has access to six classes, all of which have appeared from the previous two games. Soldier specializes in use of weapons and combat, Engineer relies on expert tech skills, and Adept is a master of biotics. The three hybrid classes are Infiltrator that balances combat and tech, Vanguard that has both combat and biotics, and last Sentinel may access tech and biotics. There is no overall best class, it's all about personal taste. However, keep in mind that Soldiers can gain the largest weight capacity, the hybrid classes have mid weight, and both Adept and Engineer have low weight.

Shepard's companions depend on the choices imported from the previous two games. You will always have Liara, James and EDI as squad members. You can gain Ashley or Kaidan depending on who was left on Virmire during Mass Effect. Garrus and Tali may join only if they survived the suicide mission from Mass Effect 2. Last, you can gain Javik by buying DLC or owning the collector's edition of Mass Effect 3.

For both Shepard and your squad it's best to concentrate on one skill and max it out before moving onto a new one. Still, it is nice to spend a single point and unlock one or two abilities. Keep in mind that Shepard gains around double the skill points of other team members, allowing you much more flexibility.


The Soldier class can use all ammo types, has access to frag grenades, and gains the highest weight limit. Among their special abilities include adrenaline rush to slow down time and the knock back attack concussive shot.

We recommend investing in a single ammo, either incendiary ammo to destroy pesky armor, or cryo ammo to keep the enemy slowed down. Disruptor ammo is good for shields, but there are many more abilities that can easily take those down. The second power you should heavily invest in is frag grenade, which does a huge amount of damage over a large area of effect. Just remember that you will need to restock grenades at ammo crates.

Once powering both ammo and grenades, go for either adrenaline rush to boost damage and accuracy, or combat mastery to help improve reputation. We don't recommend wasting points on concussive shot as it's more effective to simply kill the enemy instead of knocking them down; both Garrus and Ashley are better suited for this task.


The Engineer has only tech abilities which in turn means no ammo, grenades, or biotics. Their two unique abilities include building combat drones and sentry turrets that will damage nearby enemies. The rest of their skills overlap with both the Infiltrator and Sentinel. Because you'll want to maintain low weight, consider carrying only a pistol and SMG.

The most devastating of the Engineer's abilities is Overload, which can quickly destroy both shields and barriers while doing a great amount of health damage. It is high damage, quickly deployed, and has a fast recharge. The second ability you should quickly invest in is Sabotage, first off for it's ability to disable enemy weapons, and second to hack turrets and geth.

You'll of course want to invest heavily in tech mastery for reputation and bonus damage, but don't neglect other skills. Sentry Turret dishes out a huge amount of damage and will keep the enemy distracted, making it much more potent than the weaker combat drone. Just remember that the turret has no mobility and you will need to summon it again to get in a better shot.


The Adept cannot use special ammo, but does have a unique grenade. The rest of their skills comprise of most of the major biotic abilities. Besides the lift grenade, the other Adept unique skill is singularity, which will suspend enemies in mid air as long as they don't have shields, armor, or barrier up. They have a low weight limit, and in turn should only use the lightest weapons.

Singularity should be your prime attack, but even with such a great skill you'll have to deal with enemy protection. This is why you should also invest a large amount of points of both cluster grenades and warp, which can be used to whittle down those pesky defenses.

With any remaining points boost biotic mastery for more powerful abilities and reputation. Alternately, (or if you get to a high enough level) star building up either throw or pull to help with biotic detonations set up from warp.


The Infiltrator uses a mix of combat and tech. They can use both cryo and disruptor ammo, have stick grenades, and can cloak. While they have abilities to further boost sniper rifles, the Infiltrator can make use of all weapon types. In fact, there many be some tactical advantage to cloaking with a close range shotgun.

As with the Soldier you should quickly level up both cryo ammo and your special grenade. Afterwards you should start using points to gain enough sabotage to quickly hack and increase tactical cloak's duration.

As with every class, operational mastery is great to increase reputation early on. Because you'll most likely be using a powerful sniper rifle or shotgun that can dish out heavy damage, it's typically not worth the points to build up incinerate.


Vanguards can get in close and really cause trouble with their range of biotics. They are the glass cannon of the game: putting themselves in great danger to deal very high damage. While shotguns are a perfect match, any weapon will service.

Both the skills biotic charge and nova should be your bread and butter skills. You can use charge to get in very close to the enemy and then expend your barrier to smash a group with nova. The reverse is also true: first beat down a cluster of foes with nova, and then use charge to escape to safer ground.

After having those two biotics mastered, turn your attention to one of the ammo types. Vanguards lack other skills to break down shields and armor, so you'll need to rely on your ammo choice in those situations. Shields are typically not much a problem if you have a SMG, so stick to Incendiary ammo for tough armor.

Because you'll be in the thick of battle, boosting your defenses and melee damage via fitness is recommend. Still, don't forget about assault mastery, which further boosts weapon damage and the much needed reputation bonus.


Sentinels have some of the best defensive techs and biotics in the game. Using these in conjunction will allow you to survive the worst situations and become a master controller. Sentinels also have access to a special biotic grenade that deals fair damage, but is more to fling away weaker enemies.

The main offensive skill you should build up is overload, which deals a large amount of fast damage to shields, barriers, and health. Further pair this tech with biotic warp to have two abilities that crush all forms of enemy protection.

Now for more defensive abilities: you'll want a good score in tech armor to keep yourself well protected. You'll have boosted shields, but powers will take extra time to recharge. Because of this, you should either use very light weapons (SMG+pistol), or just go all out with both types of rifles.


There are eight possible party members, though you can only gain a max of seven at a time (even it the DLC). Anderson will also join you temporarily at the start of the game, but it's for such a short amount that it's not worth covering his abilities.

James Vega

James is an Arms Master who hits hard and has a large amount of shields and health. He can use an assault rifle and shotgun. If you speak to him enough he will teach Shepard Carnage and Fortification.

James is mainly a heavy tank that can take a large amount of punishment. Because he starts out tough on his own it's actually better to balance him out with more offensive abilities. Start by investing in the deadly carnage skill, followed closely by frag grenades. Last, the remaining amount of points should go into the Arms Master passive skill.

Ashley Williams

Ashley is an Alliance Officer and will join you if she was saved on Virmire during the first Mass Effect (or picked this option on a new Shepard). She uses both sniper rifles and assault rifles, though some of her skills favor the latter. She can teach Shepard inferno grenade and marksman after speaking with her enough.

You should first invest in the powerful Marksman ability to increase her rate of fire, followed closely with concussive shot to allow her to knock down enemies. After that it's a good idea to boost her damage output through her Alliance Officer passive.

Kaiden Alenko

Kaidan was a L2 biotic that exploded all over Virmire. Oh wait, he lived for you? In that case he joins as an Alliance Officer in palce of Ashley. He uses pistols and assault rifles as his main weapons. He can teach Shepard to use Reave and Barrier.

Reave is Kaidan's most potent ability and should be the first you invest in. Alliance Officer passive should be leveled second in order to further bosst Kaidan's skills. For the remaining points go for Overload if non one elese on your team has it, otherwise Barrier will do nicely.

Liara T'Soni

Liara is a Pure Biotic that has access to some of the best biotic abilities. In turn she can only use puny light weight guns: the pistol and SMG. She can teach Shepard Stasis and Warp Ammo by talking to her.

As a biotic expert, you should first invest points into her powerful singularity to crowd control enemies and provide a small amount of damage. Next, boost Pure Biotic to make singularity even more powerful. You should have a good amount of points after that, so go ahead and purchase a few levels of stasis and increase its duration.

Garrus Vakarian

Garrus will join the team if he survived the events of Mass Effect 2. Much like an Infiltrator, Garrus uses a mix of combat and techs. His two weapons of choice are the sniper rifle and assault rifle, and many of his skills further boost sniping. He can teach Shepard armor piercing rounds and proximity mines.

As mentioned among Shepard's possible skills, overload is a great choice for Garrus. His armor piercing rounds are very powerful for taking down the worst enemies: atlas mechs, banshees, and brutes. Also don't discount proximity mines, as they deal heavy damage and can either be deployed quickly or set up as a trap.


EDI is one of the new characters who will join regardless of what save you imported. She uses a good array of techs and wields a SMG and pistol. She may teach Shepard defense matrix and decoy by talking to her.

If Shepard does not have overload themselves you should quickly acquire this powerful ability for EDI. Otherwise go straight for the armor damaging incinerate; unlike Shepard, EDI will not have the high damage weapons to make up for missing this tech. Decoy is also a great skill to keep the enemy busy. Last, unshackled AI should be taken over the last ditch defense matrix.

Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

Tali will return to your squad if you recruited her back in Mass Effect 2 and she survived the suicide mission. She is considered dead if she was not rescued in ME2. Her weapons in ME3 are the same as the last game: a shotgun and pistol. She can teach Shepard both energy drain and defense drone.

Sabotage should be her main skill as it can take out enemy weapons and control synthetic enemies. You should pick one of the two drones to invest in, namely the more offensive combat drone. Energy drain is a somewhat weaker version of overload that also steal shields; only go with this if for some reason you have no one else with overload. Last, her passive Quarian Machinist will add a lot to her skill output.


Javik is a cut character that can only be gained from DLC or the collector's editon. Either way you'll have to pay Bioware more money to use this character. He uses assault rifles and pistols. He can teak Shepard btoh Slam and Dark Channel after speaking to him enough.

Pull and Slam are Javik's strongest abilities. Stick to the former if you want to use him for utility, and the latter if you want pure chaos. Afterwards purchase Vengeful Ancient for more power and weapon damage.

Earth: Canada

The very first section of the game acts as a basic tutorial to combat and movement. This whole level is over all not much of a challenge. Still, there are a few tactics and tips to help speed things along. After the opening cutscene you'll be sided with Anderson as your squad mate. You only have a basic Predator pistol, but can make use of your class abilities.

Follow Anderson and take down the Husks climbing up the wall. This will most likely deplete all of your ammo, so you'll need to use melee attacks or powers to kill the next part of Husks below. Enter the burning room and gather up the spare medi gel. Attempt to open up the door ahead and you'll be ambushed by another Husk; kill it and proceed on.

In the next area you'll be up against a new type of Reaper creation: the Cannibal. They are armed with assault rifles, can throw grenades, and eat their fallen to recover health. However, they lack shields or armor so they are rather easy to kill. Your basic pistol will easily destroy the Cannibals fine as long as you stay in cover.

Head to the crash site and arm yourself with the Avenger rifle before checking the radio. An unlimited number of Cannibals will now attack from a downed shuttle. The fastest way to complete this segment is to simply deplete all of your ammo. Once things seem grim, Joker will arrive in the Normandy and save the day.

So Wait, How Do I Build an Army?


With only Ashley/Kaidan and James as your team members there is no selection of you can bring. Still, you should have a few points to improve an offensive or defensive power. For the most part just upgrade your team's first skill that already has a free point in it.

Head down the ramps and take out the Cerberus soldiers. The basic Assault Trooper uses assault rifles but has no real defense. Centurions stick to closer range single shot weapons and have protective barriers. For the most part you should take out the weaker Troopers before going for the shielded enemies.

Enter inside the Mars base and you'll soon switch out James for Liara. Use her Singularity to pull the next batch of Cerberus foes out from their cover and finish them off with your guns. After the fight use the vehicle lift controls to raise the stationary car. This along with some nearby boxes will create a bridge to the next area.

Take cover in the next room and stealth kill as many enemies as possible. Still after only one or two hits the rest of Cerberus will notice your presence. They won't be much trouble either way. Head into the security room and take the Ariake Technologies Gauntlets, M4-Shuriken, and med kit before checking the security terminal.

Head outside and pick up the Kassa Fabrication Chestplate while walking between the two ladders ahead. Enter the broken airlock and read the data pad for some free XP. Hide behind the sinks and wait for the next team of Cerberus thugs to open the windows. They will be clustered enough that most all of them can be lifted with a single singularity. Cleanup the rest with your guns before entering the small room on the right. Inside here, grab the medi gel and check environmental controls to open the next passage.

In this next transition area move to the back of the makeshift barrier and acquire some SMG Ultralight Materials. You now need to fight down two long corridor shooters. It's best to use crowd control and very long range weapons. Liara's singularity will be very useful here, as will a sniper rifle from yourself or Ashley. The main enemies to clear out are the Guardians: similar to Troopers but instead carry a giant shield and pistol. However, they are very weak to lifting abilities and attacks from behind.

You'll soon reach a room being sterilized. Wait for the beams to no longer block the doors and hit the controls on either side. Once inside the sterile room, take the Shotgun High Calibur Barrel, XP data pad, and medi gel. Head through the door on the left. Follow Ashley/Kaidan's lead of ducking behind the pillars and boxes to avoid the turrets fire. If you do get hid, wait for your shields to recharge before moving on. Head into the control room and kill the next set of Troopers and a Centurion inside; the small space makes them very easy to hit with area skills. Afterwards, collect the medi gels, XP data pad, and Sniper Rifle Concentration Module.

Hit the control switch in this room and watch the cutscene. Take Ashley/Kaidan's advice and place both of your teammates in a flanking position. Get on the other side of the room and get ready to pincer the enemy. As with the last few fights Liara's Biotics will keep the enemy too busy to deal much damage. Get in the tram and enjoy the ride. That is until you're ambushed yet again. There are only five Troopers so the fight will be over before their tram even comes close. Once Cerberus is taken care of jack their ride to the final combat zone.

This last fight is similar to all the previous ones, but this time the amount of foes will be rather high. You'll mainly need to watch out for the likely number of grenades that will get tossed around the room. Outside of that try to stun and use Liar's Biotics as much as possible. After the fight loot the small room in the center and two side shelves for some medi gel, Shotgun Shredder Mod, and M-15 Vindicator.

Enter through the door and confront the Illusive Man and his agent, Dr. Eva. You don't really need to attack her or fend off the other Cerberus soldiers that try and assist. Just chase after her until reaching the roof. Once Eva attempts to rush you in slow motion just shoot her down to end the mission.

The Citadel

You'll be back on the Citadel briefly to talk to the Council. You'll start in Bay D24 where the Normandy will always Dock. While here you can gain Diana Allers as a War Asset worth 5 points. Further talking to on the ship can sometimes improve your reputation. However your main objective is to visit the Embassies and Hospital.


There are only two places to go here. First, enter Bailey's office and chat with Commander to gain a few Paragon or Renegade points. Your main task is to speak to Udina and the current Council. While they don't offer much you will have your Spectre status reinstated. This is overall helpful as it will open up the Spectre Office in the southern part of the Embassies. you can't purchase anything at the Office right now, but later on you can gain free War Assets and also buy materials for various Citadel fetch missions.

Return back to the elevator entrance and speak with James Vega for a small boost to Reputation. You may also run into Khalisah al-Jilani near the elevator. As expected you can use your Renegade prompt to take a swing at her; she'll dodge and you'll need to make a second one to knock her lights out. However, if you instead wait and go for the Paragon Prompt Ms. al-Jilani will join as a War Assets worth 10 points.

Huerta Memorial Hospital

There are a few things to do here to help bolster your fame. First thing to keep in mind is the Sirta Supplies store. This is where you can purchase medi gel Capacity upgrades and later on cosmetic upgrades for your private cabin (Such as books). You can recruit Dr. Chakwas if she survived the events of Mass Effect 2 or ask her to stay on the Citadel. Next talk to Dr. Michel to gain more Reputation. And of course your main goal is to visit your injured teammate, Ashley/Kaidan. Doing so will reward you with more Reputation.

That's all there is to do on the Citadel so head back to the Normandy. Don't worry, there will be plenty more side quests on the citadel after clearing out Palaven.

Normandy and Palaven

You'll have some time to explore the Normandy and get to know the crew. You can gain some free Reputation, Paragon, or Renegade points by talking to various people such as Cortez and James in the Shuttle Bay, Liara and Chakwas on the Crew Deck, or Adams in Engineering.

The Crew Deck is a special place to note as you can gain extra upgrades and abilities. In the Medical Bay you can reassign ability points and a pick special powers unlocked from building relationships with your squad mates. In Liara's Cabin you can pick upgrades from Intel you collect from scanning planets. For example you can pick up a Weapon Upgrade Kit from the planet Verush within the Kite's Nest Cluster and then use it at the Intel Terminal. You'll have the option to pick either an Ammo Capacity Bonus or Weapon Damage Bonus.

On the Crew Information Center you can talk to Traynor to learn about new e-mails and how the crew is doing. In the War Room you can look at your current War Assets and how the war effort is going in regards to your multiplayer standings. By default you'll have the following War Assets: Alliance Engineering Corps (130), 103rd Marine Division (50), Admiral Mikhailovich (25), Alliance First Fleet (90), Alliance Third Fleet (90), Alliance Fifth Fleet (90). As you scan planets, complete missions and play multiplayer you can gain new War Assets or updates to existing ones. Your overall War Assets with help determine your possible endings. By default your military strength from War Assets will be cut in half due to the Galactic Readiness in each of the Theaters of War. Note: in order to engage in the Theaters of War and improve Galactic Readiness you will need to connect online and play multiplayer.

Once you're comfortable within the new Normandy, head to Palaven in the Apien Crest cluster.


Palaven has been over run so you'll need to land on the planet's largest moon, Menae. There isn't much selection as far squad members, but one thing to note is that each of your team's appearances grants a different Armor Bonus. For example Liara has increased Power Damage in her white Shadow Broker outfit, and Recharge Speed bonus when using her armor.

You'll face a few Husks as you land down in the shuttle. As with past games its beast to kill them with long range weapons before they can get close. Use Liara's Singularity if they get too close or get into clusters. The fight is overall simple and will soon lead into the Turian Camp. Explore this area to find two XP Data Pads, a Credit Data Pad, two Medi-Gel kits, a M-97 Viper, Pistol Piercing Mod, Assault Rifle Piercing Mod, and M-27 Scimitar. When you're ready talk to the General on the right side of the camp to gain some Reputation and progress to the next area.

Head towards the tower and kill the few Husks around. Once getting closer you'll see that the tower is damaged and will need to send a squad mate to repair it. It's better to send James as Liara's biotics are more useful while defending the area. The second wave of Husks is basically the same except you're down to just two people. Use what ever crowd control biotics and tech you have. If a Husk grabs your teammate be quick about punching or shooting it off. Unlike previous Mass Effect games, if your teammate is downed you can walk over to them and revive them instead of wasting First aid. After your other teammate returns, a third wave of Husks will arrive. However, you'll further be supported by two Turians with assault rifles, making this round the easiest.

Return to the main camp and speak with General Corinthus again. At this point Garrus will join your party (Provided he survived Mass Effect 2) and Liara will head back to the ship. Head to the Airfield and defend it against the Reapers. You'll encounter a new type of enemy: Marauders, which are the Turian version of Husks. They fight with assault rifles and have moderate shields. This means that you'll need to take them out with weapons and Tech before they can be hit with Biotics. The Marauders will also have Husk backup, so watch your side as the enemies advance on you. For the most part concentrate on the gunners before going for the unarmed Husks. Before leaving the area make sure to pick up the Assault Rifle Magazine upgrade.

Once back at camp head to the Barricade and use the mounted turret. Your goal is to take out all of the Husks here. James and Garrus will help support you, but your heavy guns will be the bulk of the damage during this fight. After the Husk you'll fight a giant Brute. This enemy is Armored so you'll need to rely on strong weapons and fire Techs to deal heavy damage. Its melee attack are no joke: a single swipe will break shields and do quite a bit of health damage. On the bright side the Brute isn't very fast and can often be avoided by rolling to the side. Keep weaving around the Brute and Husk, allowing James and Garrus to take them out for you.

Head towards Victus' location and be sure to pick up the Medi-Gel, Data Pads and Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo upgrade. You'll have to fight off five Cannibals a few Marauders and eventually a Brute. You'll have some support from Turian troops standing of roofs, but for the most part its up to you. There are plenty of Medical kits ,so feel free to heal if you need to. If you manage to take out the Marauders you can actually glitch out the Brutes by heading back to the entrance. Here, the caved in entrance will be too small for them to enter, allowing you to open fire without reprisal. Repeat this little cheat again to take out two more Brutes along with several more Marauders. Pick up the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope before heading over to the General.


Upon returning to the Normandy there will be a power outage preventing you from going anywhere. Head down to Medical on the Crew Deck and find what's happening. After a short scene you will now have EDI as a party member. You can also talk to the rest of the crew to build relationships or gain Paragon/Renegade points. Some of them will also reveal side quests, such as Grissom Academy in the Petra Nebula.

You can explore the galaxy more and head to the Citadel for side quests if you want, but your main goal is to talk to the Diplomats in Annos Basin. You'll meet with diplomats from the Turians, Salarians, and Krogans. If Wrex and Mordin survived the previous two games events will change during this mission. Upon speaking with the three advisors you'll head straight for Sur'Kesh. Talk to Wiks and head to the labs.

Talk to Mordin and the female Krogan to score up to 6 Paragon or Renegade. Make sure to pick up the Assault Rifle Extended Barrel among the shelves before moving on. You'll be attacked basic Cerberus Troops that deploy smoke grenades. Instead of taking them head on, loop around to the right side labs and flank them for an easy victory. In the next area jump over the wall on the left to get by the fire and grab the Shotgun Spare Ammo upgrade.

Continue on and you'll encounter more Troopers and Centurions. In this area you'll need to protect the pod the female Krogan is riding inside. The pod's integrity will appear and result in a mission failure if it's destroyed. Simply be quick with taking out the enemy and use any form of crowd control from Biotics and Techs. Grab the credit Data Pad opposite of the pod before helping Mordin advance to the next area.

More standard Troopers ahead along with a Pistol High Caliber Barrel on the left hand side. After these enemies are dealt with head up the stair and you'll encounter an Engineer that can build turrets. It's best to kill the Engineer first as he can simply repair damage you deal to his mounted turrets. Instead of heading straight into the fight, flank around right and get the ambush on Cerberus. Before heading on grab the credits on the right side. There will also be a medical station through the next hall.

The next room is fairly easy if you head up the stairs and kill the ground floor enemies from above. You'll once again need to keep the pod safe, so distract and kill the Cerberus troops quickly. You can also pick a M-13 Raptor near the dead Turian and a Pistol Scope sitting on one of the desks. Head over to the power terminal where you grab a Scorpion pistol and a some more medi-gel. Take out two more waves of the same Cerberus enemies before advancing on.

The next fight takes place in a large courtyard and you'll have an easy drop on the next set of enemies. Afterwards a huge Atlas mech will drop down. It has both shields and powerful Armor so you will first need to ware it down with rapid fire shots before switching to strong fire based Techs that can penetrate its defenses. As long as you always stay out of its weapons range the Atlas shouldn't be too hard, just a little tedious to kill.


There are various side and optional tasks you can undertake at Tuchanka, including stopping Cerberus or aiding the Turians. You can also go off world and deal with the Rachni. After completing missions for Victus and or Wrex/Wreav (see the next two sections) you will gain the new goal of curing the Genophage. Make sure you've completed all the mission you want on the Citadel, as several will disappear and become inaccessible after clearing Tuchanka.

Once down on the planet destroy the Husks that welcome you. Like other Husk encounters this will be very easy as long as you stay your distance. During the next transport scene you can speak up the Salarian sabotage or remain quite, which can change the outcome of the fight. Once stopped by the broken road take the Pistol Melee Stunner, Death Mask, Shotgun Smart Choke, two medi gel cases, and a Graal Spike Thrower. When you're ready to advance talk to the Krogan Scout.

Head through the ruins and examine the three painting for big Credits. Check the dead Ravager and head outside. You'll encounter two Ravagers and three Cannibals in the court yard. Lure them out by looping around left but instead double back right and flank them. Thankfully, the Ravagers here won't deploy Swarmers to hunt you down. Kill off six more Cannibals and a Brute along with Husks will arrive. Take out all of the Husks first before leaping back across the chasm you just crossed. From here you can easily ware down the Brute before it can charge you with a powerful swipe.

In the next area deal with the Cannibals from behind cover. As long as you don't advance the Ravagers on the right won't enter the fray. After the Cannibals are dealt with a group of Husks will arrive so destroy them. With the two other enemy types gone it shouldn't take much to gun down the Ravagers. Within the next area you'll be against three Cannibals, followed by Husks, and last two Marauders off in the distance. Prevent a flank from the right and there shouldn't be trouble destroy the enemies coming from the left. Grab the SMG Scope on the left, Assault rifle Extended Barrel through the next doorway, and then keep moving along to the trucks.

After the cutscene remain put and gun down all of the Cannibals that arrive from above. Head to the left up the stairs and pickup a M-5 Phalanx before continuing on. For the next zone you'll be up against a Destroyer class Reaper and a large amount of deployed Brutes. Your goal is to activate the two hammer controls on each side of the map. It's best to straight up ignore the enemies, run and hit the switches for a quick completion.

If you ignored telling Mordin and Wrex/Wreav about the sabotage earlier you can use a high Paragon or Renegade score to convince Mordin to give up and abandon the Genophage cure and in turn save his life. However, if you want to help the cure Mordin will go the elevator and die. It's up to you decide the fate of the Krogans.

Turian Survivors

This is a two part mission where you will first help rescues a squad of Tuians followed by assisting them with their mission on Tuchanka. You must complete either this quest for Victus or the Rachni mission for Wrex/Wreav to advance with the plot. You can do both if you want more War Assets as well.

Upon entering the battlegrounds the Reaper forces will be too busy with the Turians to notice you. This will give you a chance to surprise kill the few Husks and Cannibals right at the entrance. However, things will start to get hectic when the Harvester arrive and you can protect the Turian drop pod from being destroyed. Climb up the ladder on the left and quickly grab the Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo among the rubble. Take out the remaining enemies with long range weapons to keep the pod safe. While the pod isn't mission critical, saving it will grant a nice bit of XP.

Head down the ledge and grab the Credits, Phaeston, and SMG Ultralight Materials inside the ally nooks. Ahead will be another optional pod you can protect for good XP. It's being attacked by a Marauder and two Cannibals which shouldn't prove too much of a problem. However, after destroying those Reapers a Harvester and three Husks will arrive. Stick to armor penetrating and high damage single shot weapons to deal with them quickly. One you're done here, drop down the broken halls to the right, listen to the flight recording, and grab the Shotgun Smart Choke.

Kill the few Husks ahead and go for the Harvester before it retreats. If it manages to escape it will deploy more Cannibals as you advance and may use its powerful cannon from long range. For the most part rapid fire weapons are best for the Cannibals and Marauders while you should switch to armor penetration to defeat the Harvester. Keep moving forward and right to gain some extra medi gel, Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel. The next area will be a big battle. The most notable enemy will be a Brute in the distance. If can kill it quick with sniper rifles it won't have a chance to inflict any damage. The biggest danger is the sheer amount of Cannibals that will toss around grenades, forcing you to seek new cover and heal up. Several waves of enemies will arrive and toward the end a Harvester will enter on the far right of the battlefield. The best option is to grab the Reaper Blackstar sitting near it and kill the Harvester with a single destructive shot.

Speak with Lieutenant Victus to learn of Cerberus' goals and gain Reputation. It's now time to head back to the Normandy and plan to stop Cerberus.

Locate Bomb

You'll drop down in the shuttle right in a heated fight with Cerberus Assault Troops and Centurions. They are further protected by shield barriers. However, you can target the shield generators to deal a good amount of area damage. Since most of the enemies are unprotected you can easily clear them out. Jut be sure to get away from grenades they frequently toss behind your cover.

Head up the ramp towards the building and snag the Shotgun Blade Attachment. The next area now has Engineer that deploy turrets, but the same strategy of targeting the generators to deal area damage works wonders. Before advancing grab the Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets in the right side corner and snag the credits up the ramp to the next area. Kill the few Troops on the second floor and grab the medi gel and Pistol Scope among the supply crates.

In the next area Cerberus will drop enemies via shuttle, however their descent is so slow that you can ill most of them before they land. Once again blowing up the generators will help clear them out. This time reactivate the generators to guard yourself from the next wave of forces to the left. Destroy the enemies with Techs and Biotic powers, grab the spare credits and advance up the next ramp.

Pickup the Sniper Rifle concentrate Module up the next ladder and Pistol Melee Stunner behind the large box around the right turn. Destroy the turret below and grab the medi gel and Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics. Down the next hall you'll meet with Lieutenant Victus. You'll need to protect him from several Cerberus Shuttles.

The enemies don't pose much threat to you, but they will rush Victus, making it hard to prevent mission failure. Get close to the drop shuttles and kill as many enemies before they land on the ground. Any sort of distraction and area effect ability such as singularity, Drones, and Decoy will help wonder in this battle. You can even glitch the enemies by freezing/disabling the first Troop leaving the shuttle, forcing the other Cerberus soldiers to wait until their teammate dies. First always search for enemies attacking Victus, and then focus on cleaning up the rest.

After three shuttles Cerberus will deploy an Atlas shortly followed by a fourth shuttle. While the Atlas has huge fire power it's defense is too high to take on right now. Kill the soldiers coming out of the shuttle before gunning the mech or they will surely kill Victus if unattended. It's even more helpful if you send a squad member to keep the Atlas busy and the other to help you kill the smaller grunts. Once its just down to just the Atlas unload everything you've got to finish the mission. You'll gain the Turian Blackwatch worth 75 War Assets for your trouble.

The Rachni

Wrex/Wreav will ask for your help within the Ninmah Cluster on Utukku. This mission can change depending on the survival of the Rachni Queen and Grunt. After being greeted by who ever the Korgan commander is, head into the tent on the left and gather both a M-300 Claymore and some credits. Continue on and in the first building is a SMG High Caliber Barrel.

Drop down to the next area and take the M-451 Firestorm from the dead Krogan. You'll use this tool to clear the webbing ahead. In the next area destroy the Spore Pods before getting close as they explode when you get close. You soon be doing battle with Husks and a new enemy called Ravagers. These enemies can deploy smaller spawn to swarm you and have mounted cannons. The best option is to first destroy their sack to stop their minions and next switch to some kind of armor piercing weapon from afar. For the extra Swarmers take them down with melee attacks.

Search the area for a new Firestorm and a Shotgun Shredder Mod. Head through the next sea of pods, burn down two webs and destroy the Barrier controls to reveal the next area. As you move along this path taking on pods, destroy the webbing on the left to gain some credits from the destroyed Reaper tech. Also behind webbing in the next large room will be a dead Krogan. Examine him to find out his last request. Stock up on another Firestorm and move ahead for another encounter with Ravagers. This time the bugs will be aided by Cannibals. The same strategy mostly applies. Due to the distance you may want to drop the firestorm and switch to either rifle.

Move ahead and grab the Shotgun Spare Ammo from the dead Krogan. Be careful as you move forward as these sets of pods not only explode but will release Swarmers. Not much of a problem as long as you smash them down. Move past the next web and pick up the medi-gel and Pistol Piercing Mod. Destroy the Barrier controls to locate Grunt/Dag. Head down the small passage to find the central lair of the Rachni. Hit the Reaper node directly above you to release the wall on the left.

Kill the Husks, Cannibals, and Ravagers in this area and destroy Reaper Node with a powerful attack. This will release the right side wall back at the main entrance. Head back that and clear out the Ravagers and destroy the second Node. You'll be ambush by two more Ravagers at rather close range and four Cannibals further back. Quickly destroy the Rachni Reapers in front of you with the Firestorm before pecking off the Cannibals from further back.

Return to the center where you will have to pick to help the Rachni or Korgan. Whichever you pick will increase the power of your galactic army by 25 points. Be sure to check back with your crew members later as they might have more quests for you.

The Citadel Attack

Cortez will drop you off in the landing area right in the middle of a Cerberus vs C-SEC warzone. Quickly get into cover and take down the Engineer along with his turret. After that move up the left or right ramp and flank the Troopers for an easy victory. Talk ot Bailey and head through the next door.

Two fodder Troopers will be across the hall so execute them quick. Several Guardians and an Engineer will emerge from stairs to the left so be on the ready with Tech and Biotics to destroy their defensive advantages. Take down the next few soldiers that come down from the second floor. Before hacking the door, head over to the right side of the room and collect the medi gel kit and Assault Rifle Piercing Mod.

Head next into the flooded room and duck out left into the lavatories. You'll find a M-76 Revenant by the sink and credits in the locker. Head back out into the wet room and quickly dispatch the Engineer and other goons around here. Restock at the medical station, down the hall, and then hop left through the broken window. Here you'll gain a Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel and the controls to open the sealed elevator.

On next floor check the right side rooms for a Pistol Piercing Mod and some credits. Head through the door on the left and surprise kill the Trooper down the hall. Keep going and slink into the kitchen on the right. Grab the credits and medi gel here and get ready for more Cerberus canker sores. The enemy will drop from across the cafeteria, but for the most part this is the same old fight as before. Just flank around left to wipe the Troopers out of existence.

Cerberus shuttles will drop off a new deadly type of warrior: the Phantom. They move quickly, have barriers, cloak, and can instantly kill with their melee strikes. However, because they need to get in close to deal damage you can quickly take them down with either rifle type. Liara's Warp Ammo will also help here if it has been upgraded a few levels. There will also be a few Troopers and a Nemesis to support these new soldiers, but for the most part concentrate on the Phantoms first before they get close to you or your allies. To keep yourself safe first jump across the chasm ahead to lure the enemy and then jump back to give yourself more distance.

Once done with the fight head forward over the broken portions of the Citadel, grab the credits along the way, and head into the next battle with Cerberus. You'll be up against an Engineer and Atlas. Quickly kill the Engineer before he can deploy his turret before switching attention to the Atlas mech. Use the first room on the left to take cover and flank the Atlas as it gets in close. Once its shields are down and armor is depleted by half a shuttle will arrive to drop off several more Troopers. Ignore them and take the Atlas out first before sweeping up the rest of the fodder.

Ride up the elevators to find the council members. You can prevent most of the Cerberus troops from reaching you by destroying the elevator generators below their lifts. If they do manage to land on you kill the Phantoms as soon as possible to avoid being instantly killed. You don't have to worry about the Troopers too much as you will eventually out last their elevator.

Upon exiting the elevator you must use a moderate Paragon or Renegade check or Ashley/Kaidan will die at your hands or a squad member's. If Ashley/Kaidan lived you can speak with them as you enter the Normandy. You can decide if they should join Hackett's fleet as a 25 point War Asset or become a squad member.

Geth Dreadnought

Head to the Far Rim and speak to the Admirals aboard the Quarian Envoy Ship. If Tali was recruited and survived the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2 she will now join the party. She will also become mandatory for this mission. If Tali died or was never saved from Haestorm, Xen will take over her role in the story, but won't actually join you during the fighting.

Watch a few cutscenes and you'll now be able to walk across the broken space tube and onto the Geth ship. Once inside pick up the Shotgun Smart Choke on the and then head up the ladder on the right. Open the door across the gap and pick up the Geth Data. Now, climb the nearby ladder and hit the controls to get your two party members on board. Xen/Tali will give you the Arc Pistol which can be charged for more damage.

With your party in tow head through the passageway and turn on the bridge controls. You'll be attacked by Geth Troopers and Rocket Troopers who also have shields. If you played previous Mass Effect games these enemies aren't anything new. However if Mass Effect 3 is your first romp, try to remember that Geth are synthetic making them weak to Techs such as Overload and Sabotage. Since you'll likely have Tali make use of her powerful hacking abilities to temporarily gain the support of your Geth enemies.

Move around the next few room to gather up Geth Data, a Geth Pulse Rifle, and Archon Visor. Through the next room you'll be against Geth Hunters that can make use of stealth. However, it's not that hard to spot these cloaked enemies with either a scope or once they come into close range. Destroy them all before searching the other side of the room for Geth Data and a SMG Scope. Another wave of Geth will emerge from the left side so take care of them by hunkering down in the opposite corner. Destroy them all and head through the door, down the ladders and into the main engine.

Be careful of walking down the main hall as a burst of energy will stream through every few minutes. You'll easily be able to tell when a new wave of energy will jet through by listening around and paying attention to the motors in the background. Both long ranged attacks such as sniper fire and area damage from grenades will prove useful in killing the Geth inside the engine room. Also remember that the enemies are still weak to Tech, namely the sabotage hacking abilities.

Bypass the next door and gather up the credits and medi gel around. Maintain the same strategy and you will soon come to the center of the ship. If Legion survived Mass Effect 2 you will find him here. Otherwise he will be replaced by a Geth VI. First pick up the Assault Rifle Precision Scope and then free Legion to start up a fight.

This is similar to the last few fights, but you'll soon have to deal with the meaty Geth Primes. They have shields, armor, and hit rather hard. Use overload quickly and follow up with fire attacks to take down the Primes quickly. However, be sure to lay down mines or other area attacks to prevent being swarmed by the cloaked hunters. Still, as long as you keep focused on key targets the battle shouldn't take too long.


To gain this mission you will need to complete one of the two side missions on Rannoch, either shutting down the fighters or saving Koris. It is recommended that you do both first as the outcome of this mission can change. If Tali is alive she will be a mandatory member of your squad, and you should pair her with EDI.

Hack the first geth you come across and allow them to destroy each other. Search their spawn point and you will gain a SMG high caliber barrel. Head up the nearby ladder and ascend to the next level.

Stick to the far left side and take out the geth with ranged powers and drones. Head up the nearby ladder and snatch up the assault rifle piercing mod and Kassa fabrication gauntlets. Climb the next ladder, destroy some rocket troopers and steal the reaper tech and SMG ultralight materials.

Take the assault rifle stability damper and quickly get into cover. There will soon be more geth that will attack from the left side balcony, but aren't much of a problem for a good tech user. Along the left side also be sure to snatch up the geth plasma shotgun, which is among the best weapons in the game. Salvage several pieces of data and restock the med kit.

Your new geth shotgun will be just the thing to clear out the next wave of geth. It can even be charged to deal long range damage to the nasty pyros that come your way. Head towards the elevator and you'll be ambushed by a number of geth primes. Instead of using your new shotgun, grab the nearby spitfire and quickly destroy the massive enemies.

Once the geth are destroyed, move forward and target the base ahead. It will reveal a Reaper and start up a turret chase. During this time hit the monster directly in the eye to find its weak point. You'll be separated from the rest of the team and only have a targeting laser. Use the targeting laser to slowly deploy lasers from the Normandy. You'll also need to be quick about running or dodging as the Reaper can kill you with a single eye laser. After four Normandy shots the Reaper should fall.

The next part depends on your imported ME2 data and if you saved Koris in the previous mission. If you saved Tali from exile and destroyed the heretic geth back in the previous game you will have a good leeway to broker peace between the races. Otherwise, you'll have to choose either to slaughter the geth and quarians. Which ever race(s) survives will join as war assets.

Geth Fighter Squadrons

You'll need to complete this mission or the one to save Admiral Koris to unlock the final push for Rannoch. This mission will strengthen the power of the Geth and any war assets they provide.

This is the most straight forward mission in the whole game. There are no enemies and no other form of danger. You simply have to look around the area for glowing blocks and destroy them with your imaginary brain gun; the gun even auto reloads when out of ammo. The only thing to look out for is a reaper code fragment sitting around.

In later areas the data code will be stronger along the virtual streams. You will need to find the second glowing blocks further down each stream and destroy them before going for the one directly blocking your path (or connected to data clusters).

Admiral Koris

This is the second mission you can undertake in order to advance the Geth-Quarian war. Finishing this quest has the potential to bolster the Quarians and their war assets.

Head down the narrow pathways and you'll encounter a number of geth. They only consist of basic assault and rocket troopers, making them not at all difficult. After clearing out the enemies grab the geth parts and javelin rifle. Destroy a few more geth in the way and continue down to the next section.

At the first set of towers you'll be able to steal some geth technology and a geth spitfire. As in past missions you'll need to have one of your teammates fix the tower. Choose the one that is less combat savvy against geth (Vega, Kaidan, etc.). Focus on taking down the geth prime first and any others that attempt to rush you. After a few waves the tower repairs will be complete. Advance forward and gain the assault rifle magazine upgrade, medi gel, and shotgun shredder mod before moving on.

In the next area you can search around for more geth parts and a SMG magazine upgrade. Speak with the dying Dorn to learn about what happened. Fight through more geth, this time making use of the powerful spitfire. Even the mighty geth primes will only be an even match to such a strong gun. Take the Armax arsenal chestplate and head over to either AA gun to shut them down.

Assign the same character who repaired the earlier tower and get ready for a massive wave of geth. There will be too many to take on safely with just guns, but thankfully there will be a nearby turret that can easily shred through the enemy. If one of the geth gets to the turret be sure to eliminate them quickly and re-man the gun. After clearing out one AA gun you'll need to repeat the process at a second. Outside of some extra geth pyros the battle will be the same as the last AA gun.

You'll be picked up by Cortez and finally be able to contact Koris. If you have enough Paragon or Renegade points you can convince him to come along, otherwise you will instead have to rescue his men. Either way you'll soon be in a turret sequence. Destroy the remaining geth to save the stranded Quarians and gain them as war assets.


First head to the Citadel and speak with the Asari councilor to learn about the problems on Thessia. She's located inside Undia's old office. After the talk, fly over to Thessia and deploy along side Liara. Ashley, Garrus, or James will be work as a second partner.

Upon landing on the planet search the area for a free Umbra visor and loot the nearby supplies. Head over to the small band of Asari and speak to Kurin to find what's happenings. Reapers will soon emerge and you'll need to man the turret and defend the crushed barrier. Take out the smaller husks first and then concentrate on the larger brutes.

Head across the bridge and you'll do battle with more enemies. The bulk of the Reaper forces will be marauders and cannibals, but still be mindful of the few banshees that emerge. These are the same enemies you've fought time and again, so stick with the same strategies from the past.

Grab the med kits, salvage the computer, and hack your way to the next area. You'll have support from an Asari sniper that will distract a number of Reapers. For the most part stay up high, destroy the barrier engines, and order Liara to deploy constant singularities. Search the area for a shotgun high caliber barrel and move down to gain the M-98 widow.

Around the next corner you'll gain support from an Asari fighter that will blast through a good number of enemies. Still, you should concentrate on taking on the banshees before they get in too close. Head up the ramp and take the assault rifle extended barrel. Destroy the remaining husks and marauders before moving on.

Harvesters will soon arrive and annihilated your Asari support. Destroy the barrier engines first and any husks that attempt a rush. Next take out the harvesters with your strongest weapons and take the SMG heat sink. With the Reapers down, you'll have passage to the Asari temple.

Inside the temple, take the medi gel laying around. You need to search several statues inside to unlock the secrets of Athame. First check the center statue, followed by the artifacts on the far left, right and back at the entrance.

Kai Leng will soon attack, but isn't a threat at all. Use any form of distraction attack such as building a turret or proximity mines and the assassin won't even get close. Still, get in to cover quick each time the drop ship emerges to provide Leng with support fire or a barrier recharge. With Liara on your side, this fight won't last very long.


This mission may change depending on if Miranda survived the events of ME2 and how you've treated her during your past meetings. You'll be fighting a mix of Cerberus and Reapers here, making it a good place to bring Ashley or James and Liara.

Upon reaching the front courtyard you'll be attacked by a phantom and nemesis. Order your team to distract the sniper first while you quickly gun down the run away ninja. Enter Sanctuary and check the area for extra medi gel and XP from the data pads. Destroy the basic Cerberus troopers and loot the area for a pistol scope.

Switch off the water pump and head across the newly accessible ladders. Grab the Rosenkov Materials shoulder guard and into the building. You'll be attacked by marauders, banshees, and ravagers. With these many enemies, quickly take them down with any grenades or keep them busy with a biotic blast.

Check the PDAs and collect research data. Clear out more Reapers (mostly Marauders) and equip yourself with both the M-12 locust and shotgun blade attachment. Climb up into the tower and take out the next wave of marauders. This time they will have plenty of barrier engines, so destroy the machines first.

Pick up the medi gel and head into the elevator. In the next room you'll have to deal with both brutes and a banshee. The room is big enough that you can circle around and kite the enemy while your teammates destroy them. Take more medi gel and the M-99 saber.

There will be one last computer to salvage before heading into the final lift. During the cut scene you will need a moderate to high amount of paragon or renegade to save Ms. Lawson. Otherwise, you'll be out another useful amount of war assets.

Cerberus Headquarters

This is the point of no return. Finish up all of your remaining side quests from the Citadel and collect war assets before going on this mission. You will be forced to use EDI during this mission and pairing her with a beefy fighter (Garrus, Ashley, James) will work out best.

You smash right into a Cerberus hanger so be ready to defend yourself against the waves of troopers. Take over and be ready to counter-snipe the nemesis on the upper left catwalk. After the first wave you'll need to destroy an Atlas. Once it's cleared out, head up the ladder to the second level.

Loop around to the other side, killing each trooper you run into, and hit the rotation controls. Search the area for extra medi gel and a PDA containing XP and cash.

Head back down to the first floor and turn on the clamp controls on the right. This will release the Cerberus fighter and clear a path to the next zone. Destroy the atlas that emerges and take the M-37 Falcon dropped in its wake.

Roll down the ladder ahead and destroy more waves of flimsy troopers. Take the medi gel and spare parts before taking the next ladder. Take the Serric Council greaves and blast down more Cerberus troopers and nemesis.

Sneak around the centurions and take them out with close range blasts. You can detonate the shield generators to take out the turrets and engineers rather quickly.

For the next wave of turrets stick to any grenades or mines you have. EDI's decoy is also nice for distracting any form of gun fire. Take the ladder up and check the consoles to more XP medi gel, and a delumcore overlay.

The next area will contain a large number of Cerberus forces. If you failed to save Jack you will fight her as a phantom. Also, it is possible for Legion to appear if you gave him to Cerberus back in ME2. Regardless, you'll be against phantoms and snipers while moving along a narrow catwalk.

Concentrate on the closest enemies while you order your squad to provide cover fire. Over all it should prove to be that hard. Head up to the top ladder and check the consoles for more info about the Illusive Man.

In the next room you'll find a VI you can talk to, but none of the dialogue choices will affect anything. Kai Leng will appear again and you'll have the exact same fight from last time. He does have a few more pals and the floor may change around, but Kai Leng is a pathetic assassin. A turret, mine, or singularity will keep all of the foes at bay and open for a spanking.

After the enemy is destroyed keep your fingers ready for one final renegade prompt.

Earth: London

This is the final battle for the universe. Head down to the Normandy's cargo hold and buy all of the best weapons and armor from Cortez. We preferred shields and weapon damage for this battle, but go with something that aligns with your class and play style.

You can take whoever you want, but having Liara or Javik with their biotics works best. For a second teammate go for Garrus or Ashley. You'll be up against a massive amount of cannibals and marauders with very little cover. Get into hiding and quickly snipe down as many enemies as possible.

A brute will soon emerge, so concentrate your armor piercing weapons on it before it can get in close. Climb up to the next level and Cortez's shuttle will be attacked. If you lack enough war assets he will die horribly; he survives if your arbitrary numbers are high enough.

On the next floor you'll be attacked by more cannibals. However, your objective is to snatch up the M-920 Cain and blow up the reaper in the background. Don't worry, you have like three or more of these so don't worry about ammo.

At this point you may fight Morinth if she lived through ME2, otherwise it will be a basic banshee. Both possibly enemies will be joined by more cannibals. Use any Cains that still have before switching to a good sniper rifle.

You'll be rescued and sent to the military encampment. To all of your squad members, as well as surviving crew members from ME2. Along the way will be a turret sequence, but your only foes will be weak husks. Take them out quick and head further to speak with Anderson. Pick your final party members for the last section of the game. For us we sticked with the classic pair of Garrus and Liara.

Help escort the Alliance tanks by blasting through the first wave of marauders and cannibals. Be mindful of enemies above you who can easily shoot over lower chest high walls. A harvester will soon appear should be the focus of your ire. The only threat after that will be a lone banshee and you've already fought a billion of those.

Head into the garage and disable the husks with a strong singularity or well tossed grenade. Brutes will soon the tiny area so powerful area of effect attacks will do nicely. Head through the next ladder and loot the damage apartment for a small bit of medi gel.

More marauders will attack, soon followed up by a brute and several husks. As always, destroy the weaker enemies before going after the meaty brute. Destroy the cannibals that emerge around the corner and loot the area for medi gel.

Now for the last stand as you attempt to power the missile battery. Destroy the brutes quickly with any means of fire power. Around the zone will be at least four medi gel and a hydra launcher that can be used to clear out several waves of foes. At first you'll just need to deal with cannibals, but as the hoard mode increases you'll be up against more brutes, banshees and harvesters at once. These later rounds are when you should whip out the hydra and blow everything to kingdom come. Once EDI alerts you to the battery's repairs, ignore the enemy and make a blitz towards the controls.

Final Push

It's time for the final push against Harbinger and the Reapers. Don't worry about the giant mega death laser of murder, as Harbingers shots won't actually hit you. Just keep running forward and you'll be blasted into a new zone, complete with charred armor. Destroy the husks and/or marauder in your way. Yup, that was the last boss, now head into the beam for talkie time.

Briskly lug your bloody corpse into the main room and get ready for dinner with Anderson and TIM. If you lack high enough paragon or renegade points you will have to be mindful of the renegade prompts. If you success in all dialogue choices, the Illusive Man will kill himself. Otherwise he may first kill Anderson, and then turn the gun on you for a game over. Just keep talking and things can flip around.

After taking the magic elevator and speaking with space Jesus you may or may not have several options ahead of you. If you lacked war assets the Starchild will block off paths and endings. If you had 4000 EMS and Anderson lived or 5000 EMS and Anderson died you will have access to all possible Mass Effect endings. If you have a high color pick A, B, or C and watch the light show.

N7: Cerberus Lab

This mission can be gained by talking to Traynor on your ship. The lab is located on Sanctum in the Decoris system. It starts easy enough by taking out a squad of Cerberus Assault Troopers and Centurions. Before grabbing the artifact you can also snag some credits, data pad worth XP, a sniper rifle scope, and Alien Medi-Gel Formula Artifact. The second wave is mostly rinse and repeat, but things will get much more hectic for the third.

Cortez will have to fly away for a short time, meaning you'll have to wait and hold ground until he comes back. Cerberus will unleash some of their more nasty soldiers: shielded troopers and engineers. Use whatever Biotics you have against the shield holders to make them vulnerable; also concentrate on the engineers first before destroying the turrets they can deploy. Most importantly be mindful of all the grenades that will be tossed around and roll away from them right way.

After about three or four more waves, Cortez will arrive again allowing you to escape. Back on the Normandy you'll be rewarded with Cerberus Research Data worth 50 War Assets.

Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation

Traynor will mention the Academy some time after clearing Palaven. Head to the Perta Nebula Cluster and find what's going on. Parts of this mission will change depending if Jack survived Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission.

Kill the first few Cerberus Troops in your way and you'll come to a locked door. Backtrack and instead head to the right to find Kahlee Sanders. Head through the previous locked door and surprise kill the two soldiers down the halls. Check the bench on the far right for extra Credits and talk to the Biotic Riley for some Reputation. Hope the left wall, read the Tactical Analysis Review for XP, and grab the SMG Heat Sink.

Head into the next room and kill the Cerberus troops by destroying the Shield Generators for extra damage. Head into the left room and take the M-22 Eviscerator off the bench before doubling back the way you came. Quickly run down the hall and turn right to save Riley's sister Seanne. Pickup the M-96 Mattock sitting on the bench before heading through the next open door.

After chatting with Jack/Prangley you'll need to destroy an Atlas along with two waves of Centurions and Assault Troopers. Clear out the weaker enemies first other wise they will get the jump on the Grissom students and destroy the barrier. For the Atlas stick to any form of Tech to stun or distract it, namely Drones or Sabotage. After the fight check the benches around the perimeter to gain some medi gel, datapad worth XP and disable the camera controls. Head up to the room the students are inside and check the desk for Credits, an Assault Rifle Precision Scope and the Door Override.

Through the next door will be a large fight: an Atlas, many Centurions, Guardians, and very soon Engineers with turrets. Try to bunker down where you enter from but watch your right side as the enemy will attempt to flank you every so often. You'll want to take out the Engineers first so they don't spawn or repair turrets. The Guardians are easily dealt with via Bitoics such as Singularity. The Atlas is actually too far to hit you with most of its weapons, but still be very careful of its power rocket launcher. Once the first two waves of enemies are cleared head down to the main floor and through the door on the right. Loot the medi gel and credits through the hall and into the other side of the atrium.

The other half of the room will be even more frantic. You'll be assaulted by not only Guardians but three different Engineers with turrets. Use any Techs you can muster, mainly ones that can quickly destroy or disable the rapid fire turrets. If you get too overwhelmed run back to the previous room and take cover behind the incline separating the two sections. This will allow you to pop out and kill a few targets was remaining moderately safe.

Head into the next hallway and talk to Octavia to gain some Paragon or Renegade points. Down the hall will be a terminal containing Biotic Amp Interfaces. Kill the Engineer through the next room and steal the Atlas for your own private use. You can use the cannon while moving, but will have to stop to melee or fire a missile. The cannon is strong enough to kill enemies in one or two hits, making it your best option. Destroy the foes in the center, followed by waves on each side of the room. You'll then fight a fourth wave on the second floor above. They can easily be kill by using missiles on the generators. After a fifth wave of soldiers an enemy Atlas will appear. This time around stick to launching a constant stream of missiles to detonate the rival mech hastily.

Before heading out to the shuttle grab the SMG Magazine Upgrade sitting on a bench in the room's entrance. You'll be rewarded with the Biotic Company and Kahlee Sanders War Assets for a combined total of 95. You can also boost your War Assets slightly by heading to your Spectre terminal and authorizing Citadel Entry for Grissom instructors and students.

N7: Cerberus Attack

This mission can be gained after completing Sur'Kesh. There will be a good amount of Cerberus enemies around, mostly Troopers and Centurion, but also a few Engineers with turrets. If you explore the area you can pick up a pair of Armax Arsenal Gauntlets, credits, and some medi-gel. When you're ready hit the control console for the second wave.

For this next round take out the Nemesis sniper right away as they move fast and can deal close to near fatal damage. Next sweep up the Engineer before moving onto the Centurions and last the Assault Troopers. Shoot off the two latches on each Power Module to restart the cannon's systems.

The last bout will be against Guardians and an Engineer held up inside the control room. If you can, send up your allies from the front entrance stairs or side ladder, while you sneak up from the back and take out the turrets or shield user. This will also help to avoid being destroyed by grenades.

After the mission you'll be given a 50 point bonus to the Krogan First Division War Asset.

N7: Cerberus Abduction

You'll gain this mission from Traynor after either helping with the Turians on Tuchanka or dealing with the Rachni. Before entering right into the battle search the first building ahead and read the Data Pad resting on the sink bathroom.

The first wave of enemies isn't much of a problem. Just a few Troops and Engineers that stand in your way. For the second wave you'll need to walk over to the trapped civilians being over run by Cerberus troops; still not that hard. The last wave is the most annoying as Cerberus Engineers and Centurions will constantly spawn from all directions. It's best to bunker down in a corner to avoid being flanked by the enemy.

Eventually the enemies will stop instant respawning and Cortez will arrive to pick you up. Explore the area some more if you haven't already. There is a Capacitor Helmet sitting near a trash bin the far right corner of the map. You'll gain a good amount of Reputation and the Arcturus First Division as a 60 point War Asset. You can also now purchase information on Bilal Osoba via the Spectre terminal on the Citadel.

N7: Cerberus Fighter Base

You'll get word about a Cerberus Fighter Base on Noveria after dealing with the problems on Tuchunka. As with many other N7 missions this is a spruced horde frenzy from the multiplayer mode, but this time with Shepard and the gang. Finishing this mission will net you 75 more War Assets in the form of the Advanced Fighter Squadron.

Take out the first wave of Cerberus agents, mostly just Troopers and Centurions so not much to worry about. Head down below and activate the Security console. One of your teammates needs to handle the codes so they will be indisposed for a while. It's best to have some type of crowd control for the next wave so keep EDI or Liara with you.

As long as you stay bunkered in the same room and use lots of Techs and Bitoics the enemies won't really have a chance to hurt you. Just in case be sure to guard both doors to prevent getting flanked. For the next round head back up the stairs and be sure to snag the medi gel on the wall, several datapads worth Credits, and a Pistol Magazine Upgrade sitting on a bench.

The next stage will be against some more nasty fighters including Engineers with Turrets and quick Nemesis snipers. Use as many disabling Techs as possible to stun the turrets and concentrate on eliminating the sniper first. After that the smaller Troopers won't last long. For a last minute touch Cerberus will release an Atlas into the main landing zone. As long as you were holed up in the center the Atlas should be too far to even shoot you. Peck away at it with heavy armor piercing shots to complete the mission.

Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery

Liara will give you this mission after hearing from the quarian fleet. Travel to the Mesana system within the Nimbus Cluster and land on planet Lesuss. You'll meet Samara during this mission if she survived Mass Effect 2. You'll also get some different dialogue if you picked Morinth over Samara.

Once you've landed pick up the Assault Rifle Stability Damper and head into the door. Descend down the ladder and move through the darkened halls. Search around and you'll gain both a Pistol Melee Stunner and Gallae's Electronic Signature. There will be a room on the side which contains credits within a wall safe and a Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo upgrade. Open up the door and you should be able to search a fllen Asari for some extra XP.

You'll soon need to fight it out with a Banshee, which may likely be your first encounter with this enemy type. Banshees use powerful Biotics, can teleport, and have an instant kill melee attack. Quickly break down the Banshee's barrier with Overload or rapid fire weapons. The Banshee has armor instead of health requiring use of stronger single hit weapons or fire damage. Also be on the look out for Husks and Cannibals that show up, but don't let them distract you from gunning down the Reaper Ardat-Yakshi.

Once the enemies are dead, bypass the door and enter the main building. Cannibals and Marauders are inside and fight like every other previous encounter with them. Break down their shields and they won't be able to stand for long. Search the nearby rooms to gain some more medi gel, credits, a Serrice Council Shoulder Guards, and Disciple. You'll be attacked by another wave of Reapers including a Banshee supported by Husks. This fight isn't much different: concentrate on the Banshee unless you're overwhelmed by the Husks. After the fight grab the Assault Rifle Precision Scope sitting on the left. Once you're prepared, head through the elevator and into the main hall.

Loot the two medical stations for more healing items and touch the bomb to start a new fight with the Reapers. Because of the smaller space and larger amount of Banshees, take out the Husks fast with area attacks such as grenades and Biotics. Always stay out of the Banshee's range, using assault rifles to tear down their barriers and sniper rifles to penetrate the thick armor.

If Samara survived past this entire ordeal, you may use the Paragon prompt to recruit her as a 25 point War Asset. However, it's up to you to decide the fate of the Ardat-Yakshi. In addition you will gain the Asari Commando War Asset.

Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists

You'll gain this mission from Traynor after hearing from the quarians. Your objective is to head over to Gellix and save a group of defecting Cerberus Scientists. Portions of this mission will change if both Jacob survived the suicide mission and you gave the Collector Base to the Illusive Man back in Mass Effect 2.

Upon landing you can get a drop on the distracted Cerberus Troopers and Centurions that are trying to gun down the scientists. As with Tuchunka, you should destroy the shield generators to cause strong area damage. Talk to Jacob/Webber and a second wave of enemies will arrive. Once again this will comprise of basic Cerberus soldiers so there isn't much strategy.

Once inside the base talk to the various scientists to gain extra information and check the data pads for XP. On the upper levels you can also collect more medi gel, an Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade, Kassa Fabrication Greaves, Shotgun High Caliber Barrel, and the Turian Toxin Data inside a microscope. Once you're ready, talk to Brynn and the other, and then head up the ladder to the roof.

Quickly pick up the M-6 Carniflex. Shoot out the shield generators and concentrate first on the Engineer and his turret. Clean out the other Troops and Centurions before grabbing the SMG High Caliber Barrel off to the left side. Keep heading forward through the enemies and you'll locate Telemetry controls. Gather up the remaining medkits and turn on the console.

Back track the other way and ascend up the steps towards the AA guns. Most of the enemy troops will deploy from a Cerberus shuttle, making them easy pickings to continuous Biotic attacks such as Singularity. As for the rest, destroying the shield generators and other area attacks are great for wiping the enemy. Once the area is clear, gather up the Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod, Shotgun Spare Ammo and the remaining medi gel. Now head up the ladders ahead and activate the AA guns.

Each time an AA gun is turned on, Cerberus will unleash more troops, including the deadly Phantoms. Luckily there is a mounted turret settled next to the AA guns, allowing you to mutilate even the beefiest enemies that come your way. At the second set of controls you'll need to choose a teammate to man the activation. Pick one of your more offensive characters (Ashley, James) while someone with crowd control supports you (Liara, Javik). Keep on the AA guns and Cerberus won't last for long.

Once the AA guns are working, report back to Jacob. You'll now need to fight more Cerberus soldiers at the entrance. The enemy will once again arrive by shuttle, making them easy to disable or toss around with Biotics. Soon you'll be up against a few Engineers and an Atlas mech. Stay far back out of the turrets' range and you'll be able to take out the Atlas easily with sniper shots and incinerate. If you even aim for the glass you should be able to kill the pilot, steal the mech, and eradicate the reaming enemies.

Upon completion the surviving scientists and Jacob will join as a large amount of War Assets.

N7: Fuel Reactors

You'll gain this mission after destroying the Geth dreadnought. Be careful about moving around right away as most of the zone is contaminated with toxin. Speak to Riley near the entrance and take the nearby Medical Treatment Plans and Rosenkov Materials Chestplate.

On the other side of Captain Riley will be a set of crane controls. Use the buttons to move the crates from the left side and clear a path. Salvage the nearby parts for credits and head through the newly created path. Start up the vent controls to start a battle with Reaper forces.

You'll mostly be up against Husks and Marauders for the first few waves. Remember to destroy the barrier engines, otherwise the Reapers may recharge their barriers. If you've played this Firebase during multiplayer try to hunker down in either the extration zone or the central energy core. Once the first wave is cleared, grab the PDAs for extra XP and repower the reactor to summon more enemies.

You'll eventually have the option to send a team member to rescue Riley and her team. Do so, as her survival means more war assets. Once it's just down to two members you'll be ambushed by a wave of brutes. Use the two sets of ramps to run circles around them and use fire based attacks (incenerate, incendary ammo) to destroy them.

Citadel Missions

The Citadel acts as a town hub where you can pick up many side quests for extra cash, War Assets, and Reputation. some of these quests even link to past events from Mass Effect 1 and 2.


Aria from Omega can be found inside Purgatory. She wants you to unite the Blood Pack, Blue Suns, and Eclipse. If Zaeed survived Mass Effect 2 he might change this mission slightly. You can recruit these mercs in any order, with the Blood Pack being the fastest. Might as well start there.

Head down to the Commons and into the apartment area. Meet with Narl to gain some Reputation and an update to the Terminus Fleet War Asset. For Eclipse head to the Embassies and chat with Bailey. You can try to force him to release Sederis for Renegade points, but this will fail anyway. You'll need to head to the C-SEC office in the Commons and talk to the criminal directly. She's clearly crazy, but can released for Renegade points. For the Paragon option head down to the Docks: Holding Area and convince her second in command to take over Eclipse.

For the Blue Suns Vosque can be found in the Holding Area at Cargo Hold A. He will ask you to take care of Oraka in the Commons. Talk to the General yourself to hear his story. You can take the Renegade path and off him, or choose Paragon and find a new weapons source. Talk to Kannik over in the Market and he will agree to supply weapons in exchange for an artifact. The one he wants is in the Kite's Nest Cluster, Vular System, on the planet Vana. With Kannik's help you can convince Oraka to leave the Blue Suns alone.

With all three tasks complete the mercenary groups will help you in the war effort.

Hanar Diplomat

You'll get an e-mail about this while on the Normandy. Head to the Embassy and talk to Jondum Bau. If Kasumi survived Mass Effect 2 parts of this mission may be fairly different. Move over to the Spectre Terminal and enable Hanar Embassy Tracking. Now head to the Terminal in the Embassy Offices to get the first piece of evidence. There are two more pieces of evidence in the Holding Area, one at the Security Check Point and the other over in Bay E28.

Head back to the Embassy and talk to Bau to confront the Hanar. There will be a Renegade prompt to save Bau, but if you ignore it and let him die you will gain Hanar and Drell Forces (50 War Asset). Choose carefully.

Liara's Father

Inside the Commons you can speak to the bartender Aethyta. She will reveal her relation to Liara. You can either go the Renegade path and send her away. Alternately, you may talk to Liara at the nearby table and convince her to talk to her father. Doing so will update the War Asset Asari Fifth Fleet.

Volus Ambassador

On the Normandy you'll get mail from Victus after the Citadel Attack. It appears that the Turians are looking for an Ambassador named Korlack last seen on the Citadel. Head to the Spectre terminal and use the tracker to locate Korlack. Head over to the Embassy Office and talk to the guard to gain access to Korlack's office. Listen to all three messages on the terminal to find out about the mercenaries that have captured Korlack. If Zaeed survived Mass Effect 2 he will be among them. Head over to the desk on the other side of the room and listen on the head set. You'll be taken to the Commons where you will need to check two apartments. The first will always be the wrong one, so go to the second right after. You'll save the Volus, and possibly with the help of Zaeed. If Zaeed was loyal in Mass Effect 2 you'll be able to gain him as a War Asset down in the Docks. However, if he was disloyal he will perish during this mission.

Wounded Batarian

You'll gain this mission by walking around the Commons and listening in on a Turian talk about a wounded Batarian. Head down to the Holding Area and talk to the Nurse. You can choose to either kill the Batarian (Paragon) or leave him to suffer (Renegade).

Spectre and Artifact Delivery

People on the Citadel and Normandy are looking for various items. Just by walking by someone you may overhear a request to pick up an item. These fetch quests can be completed by scanning planets, searching area during missions, or sometimes buying them from your Spectre terminal.

Reward NPC NPC Location Requested Item Item Location
Credits Preacher Docking: Holding Area\Cargo Hold: C Pillars of Strength Kite's Nest\Harsa\Khar'Shan
Credits Diplomat Citadel Embassies\Embassy Offices Prothean Obelisk Shrike Abyssal\Urla Rast\Talis Fia
War Asset Dr. Ravin Hospital\Patient Lounge Alien Medi-Gel Formula Sigurd's Cradle\Decoris\Sanctum
War Asset Officer Purgatory\Lower Bar Banner of the First Regiment Apien Crest\Castellus\Digeris
XP Doctor Hosptial\Examination Rooms Advanced Biotic Implants Ismar Frontier\Aquila\Metaponto
War Asset Asari Scientist Hospital\Lab Services Biotic Amp Interfaces Petra Nebula\Vetus\Grissom Acedemy
Quest Objective Kannik Commons\Market Black Market Artifacts Kite's Nest\Vular\Vana
Rep, XP Dominic Citadel Embassies\Embassy Offices Information on Bilal Osoba Spectre Requisitions
War Asset Alison Purgatory\VIP Entrance Improved Power Grid Krogan DMZ\Aralakh\Tuchanka
War Asset Sellea Commons\Courtyard Heating Stabilizers Spectre Requisitions
War Asset Angry Accountant Commons\Bank Book of Plenix Aethon Cluster\Aru\Irune
War Asset C-SEC Officer Commons\Courtyard Automated Turret Schematic Krogan DMZ\Aralakh\Tuchanka
War Asset Soldier Bay D24\Viewing Deck Prothean Data Drives Valhallan Threshold\Paz\Garvug

Scanning List

While traveling around the galaxy inside the Normandy you can discover many planets. By scanning these worlds you can unlock extra Credits, War Assets and Shadow Broker Intel to boost both your squad members and the entire war effort. New Clusters unlock by progressing through the story and listening to NPCs on the citadel for clues.

After Mars

Reward Type Planet System Cluster
Javlin Missile Launchers 50 War Asset Watson Skepsis Sigurd's Cradle
Credits Salvage Laena Decoris Sigurd's Cradle
Banner of the 1st Regiment Artifact Digeris Castellus Apien Crest
Turian 79th Flotilla 40 War Asset Pheiros Gemmae Apien Crest
Prothean Data Files 75 War Asset Zion Utopia Exodus Cluster
Alliance Naval Exploration Flotilla 75 War Asset Tyr Asgard Exodus Cluster
Remains of Reaper Destroyer Intel Borr Asgard Exodus Cluster
Alliance Cruiser Shanghai 40 War Asset Terra Nova Asgard Exodus Cluster
Alliance Spec Ops Team Delta 35 War Asset Loki Asgard Exodus Cluster
Weapon Upgrade Kit Intel Verush Harsa Kite's Nest
Pillars of Strength Artifact Khar'Shan Harsa Kite's Nest
Credits Salvage Adek Untrel Kite's Nest
Credits Salvage Trebin Antaeus Hades Gamma
Special Ops Team Zeta 103rd Marine Division Update Nonuel Plutus Hades Gamma
Credits Salvage Klensal Dis Hades Gamma
Alliance Frigate Agincourt Alliance First Fleet Update Juntauma Farinata Hades Gamma
Credits Salvage Chohe Cacus Hades Gamma

After Palaven

Reward Type Planet System Cluster
Advanced Biotic Implants Intel Metaponto Aquila Ismar Frontier
Credits Salvage Pietas Fortis Minos Wasteland
Credits Salvage Zada Ban Xe Cha Shrike Abyssal
Prothean Obelisk Artifact Talis Fia Urla Rast Shrike Abyssal

After Sur'Kesh

Reward Type Planet System Cluster
Credits Salvage Mavigon Han Gemini Sigma
Alliance Cruiser Nirobi Alliance Third Fleet Update Parag Ming Gemini Sigma
Shadow Broker Wet Squad 25 War Asset Rothla Dranek Krogan DMZ
Black Market Artifacts Artifact Vana Vular Kite's Nest
Intel from the Battle of Arcturus Intel Arcturus Station Arcturus Arcturus Stream

After Tuchanka

Reward Type Planet System Cluster
Artifact Book of Plenix Irune Aru Aethon Cluster
Volus Fabrication Units 45 War Asset Cherk Sab Aru Aethon Cluster
Volus Intelligence Archives Intel Oma Kar Nura Aethon Cluster
Volus Dreadnought Kwunu 50 War Asset Solu Paolis Esori Aethon Cluster
Volus Engineering Team 50 War Asset Nalisin Satu Arrd Aethon Cluster
Interferometric Array 45 War Asset Eletania Hercules Attican Beta
ExoGeni Scientists 50 War Asset Feros Theseus Attican Beta

After Citadel Attack

Reward Type Planet System Cluster
Asari Cruiser Cybean 30 War Asset Tevura Parnitha Athena Nebula
Asari Research Ships 35 War Asset Egalic Orisoni Athena Nebula
Asari Cruiser Nefrane 30 War Asset Pronoia Tomaros Athena Nebula
Hesperia Period Statue Artifact Polissa Vernio Athena Nebula
Asari Engineers 30 War Asset Trikalon Ialessa Athena Nebula
Intact Reaper Weapon Intel Trategos Pelion Nimbus Cluster
Library of Asha Artifact Carcosa Agaiou Nimbus Cluster
Credits Salvage Pietas Fortis Minos Wasteland
Prothean Data Drives Artifacts Garvug Paz Valhallan Threshold
Emergency Fuel Pods 30 War Asset Elohi Micah Valhallan Threshold
Element Zero Converter 50 War Asset Farlas Micah Valhallan Threshold

After Geth Dreadnought

Reward Type Planet System Cluster
Credits Salvage Mavigon Han Gemini Sigma
Alliance Cruiser Nirobi Alliance Third Fleet Update Parag Ming Gemini Sigma
Shadow Broker Wet Squad 25 War Asset Rothla Dranek Krogan DMZ
Black Market Artifacts Artifact Vana Vular Kite's Nest
Intel from the Battle of Arcturus Intel Arcturus Station Arcturus Arcturus Stream

End Game

Reward Type Planet System Cluster
Haptic Optics Array War Asset Canrum Hydra Argos Rho
Turian Spec Ops Team War Asset Pinnacle Station Phoenix Argos Rho
Fossilized Kakiosaur War Asset Insta'sei Phoenix Argos Rho
Advanced Power Relays War Asset Camaron Gorgon Argos Rho
Alliance Frigate Hong Kong War Asset Asteria Hekate Hades Nexus
Obelisk of Karza War Asset Kopis Hoplos Hades Nexus
Alliance Frigate Lipzig War Asset Dobrovolski Pamyat Hades Nexus
Prothean Sphere War Asset Gei Hinnom Sheol Hades Nexus
Terminus Freighters War Asset Znethu Plotiari Hourgalss Nebula
Shadow Broker Support Team War Asset Hagalaz Sowilo Hourgalss Nebula
Shadow Broker Starship Tech War Asset Alingon Faryar Hourgalss Nebula
Salvage Credits Erinle Osun Hourgalss Nebula
Research Data from Pragia War Asset Pragia Dakka Nubian Expanse
Alliance Frigate Trafalgar War Asset Norehsa Quesrtassi Nubian Expanse
Alliance Marine Recon Unit War Asset Yamm Kalabsha Nubian Expanse
Dr Jelize War Asset Hanalei Kypladon Silean Nebula
Rings of Alune War Asset Nevos Tyoila Silean Nebula
Salvage Credits Quirezia Tyoila Silean Nebula
Code of the Ancients War Asset Dekunna Phontes Silean Nebula
Elcor Flotilla War Asset Oltan Phontes Silean Nebula
Serrice Guard War Asset Hyetiana Nahuala Silean Nebula
Armali Sniper Team War Asset Yasilium Loropi Silean Nebula


Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 is all about making sure Shepard doesn't take all the credit for saving the galaxy. As a part of an elite N7 special forces squad, it will be up to you to drive back hordes of cerberus and reaper forces, here's what you need to know to survive.

You'll begin as a human with access to all six standard classes. After collecting credits and purchasing crates you might even get lucky and find a new race with different attributes. For now, toughen it out and you'll have credits and wins in no time. Remember these skill tips are just a guideline, and experimenting with different builds and loadouts can create a class that gels closer to your playstyle.

Each class has three active skills, and two passive abilities to boost their damage and protection. As a rule of thumb you should first unlock all three of the activated attacks, concentrate on mastering one, and then move on to passive traits. Get your main three attacks to rank 6, and your passives to rank 4. With humans you can try different builds for your male and female characters. But that's just general info, so let's move on to class specifics.

Soldier (Human)

Soldiers are the brute force, cream of the crop combatant. All of their abilities revolve around pure assault, with very little utility. As far as weapons go, Soldiers have a great weight advantage. Also take with you a strong assault rifle for mid range engagements. For your second weapon a strong shotgun or sniper rifle will do quite nicely.

Adrenaline Rush will amp up the damage you deal, though it doesn't slow down time like in single player. We recommend going the kamikaze route and gain the boost for more damage, longer duration, and extra power use.

Concussive shot deals a fair amount of damage, but more importantly knocks back enemies, even those protected with biotic barriers. We favor the upgrades to improve damage, force, and a quick recharge.

Frag Grenades deal a large amount of damage and have a fairly large blast radius making them capable of destroying several targets. Unlike other grenade types, frags will also detonate upon a direct hit. Go for the improvements that bolster raw damage, grenade capacity, and damage to armor.

Engineer (Human)

Engineers are tech experts that can quickly destroy enemy defenses. They aren't as focused on gunplay, but can still be formidable even without using their powers. For weapons, try to stick to the lighter SMG and pistol. With a good scope the pistol can almost become a mini sniper rifle. However, if you can stand the lower ability cooldown, trade in that pistol for a full on head popper.

The Combat Drone is a great means of distracting enemies--namely those annoying Cerberus Guardians and their big stupid shields. The drone is best used defensively, but that doesn't mean it's weak or flimsy. Stick to the upgrades for 40% defense boost, stun attacks, and deadly rockets.

Incinerate is great for panicking enemies and obliterating tough armor. It even fires at a slight arc, allowing you to hit enemies around corners. The best advanced upgrades include 30% extra base damage, 40% damage over time, and 50% bonus damage to armored targets.

Overload is by far the Engineers strongest ability, and is among the best skills in all of multiplayer. It deals heavy damage to both shields and barriers, allowing destruction of major defenses. There are many strategies to this skill but we prefer using it as a single target attack. If you're like us, use the upgrades for increased base damage, organic enemy stun, and double damage to barriers and shields.

Adept (Human)

Adepts are biotic experts that can manipulate the flow of battle. Adepts might have problems against shields and armor, but are masters of dealing with large waves of weak enemies. As with the Engineer, Adepts are better suited to wield light weight guns: the SMG and pistol combo. Still, there are some advantages to taking in an assault rifle, especially against harden Geth that don't use barriers.

Singularity is still the most potent of the Adept's arsenal as it will keep clusters of foes helplessly trapped in mid-air. Go for the upgrades that increase duration, damage, and expansion over time.

Warp acts as a sort of Mass Effect field poison, dealing small amounts of damage over time. It's a bit too slow and you'll typically kill the enemy before they take the full damage from Warp. Still it's great for its utility to further weaken enemies. Give it the upgrades for detonation, boosted weapon and power damage, and defense piercing against barriers and armor.

Shockwave fires in a cascading line and is good for smashing multiple foes at once. We prefer to use this as more of a utility skill and go for the upgrades to force, reach, and the ability to suspend targets.

Infiltrator (Human)

The Infiltrator is decent with both guns and techs. They have a good amount of weight capacity and have special grenades. The infiltrator's signature weapon is the sniper rifle, and is still recommended when paired with cloaking. Still, consider the Geth Hunter strategy and sneak in with a deadly shotgun blast. You have enough weight capacity to also consider taking both a shoty and sniper into battle.

Tactical Cloak is great for not only boosting damage, but will allow you to revive allies and capture objectives unnoticed. We like to use this as a defensive utility skill and pick the upgrades for duration, recharge speed, and use of a bonus power.

Cryo Blast shares Incinerate's arcing tracked shot, but this skill is all about freezing and slowing down targets. While slowing down enemies is nice, what we really like about cryo blast is that it can lower enemy defenses. For this effective strategy, pick the upgrades for more duration, 25% more damage to frozen targets, and extra damage to armor.

The Infiltrator's third skill is the use of Stick Grenades. As implied by the name, the sticky grenades will latch on to an enemy or wall before detonating. Go for the upgrades that improve damage by 30%, maximum grenades by 2, and turn placed grenades into proximity mines.

Vanguard (Human)

The Vanguard uses both combat abilities and deadly biotics. They are glass cannons that have very little regard for their own safety. All that matters is getting in close and crushing the enemy. Since you'll already be in close range stick to your strongest shotgun just in case your biotics fail you. While it might also be appealing to bring an assault rifle for sturdy damage, it's better to lighten your load and switch out for a tiny SMG.

Biotic Charge will quickly smack you face to face with your target, leaving them slightly stunned and open for a follow up attack. We typically don't use this skill on its own, but find its better used to strengthen other biotic skills. Stick with the upgrades for more force, power synergy, and a bonus barriers.

Just like an Adept, Vanguards also have the deadly Shockwave. We still recommend the same upgrade path for the close quarters Vanguard: more force, reach, and the ability to lift enemies.

Nova is another special Vanguard skill. This one will drain your barrier to dish out a large amount of area damage. Because Nova doesn't use the global cooldown it can be used right after another power. Remember when we said we liked using Charge to enhance powers? You can quickly chain together a Charge into a Nova for devastating effects. Go for the upgrades that increase damage, power recharge, and piercing damage.

Sentinel (Human)

The last class is the Sentinel. In multiplayer, Sentinels make use of defensive techs and offensive bitoitcs. Their bonuses to defense allows them to take more risks than other classes. Since you're already being weighed down from your tech armor you can go one of two routes: light weapons to get as much recharge speed as possible, or go big. Double rifles for maximum pain and destruction.

Tech Armor adds a large boost of shields but lowers the recharge speed of other abilities. It can also be detonated to deal area damage. We prefer the defensive properties and choose the upgrades for 15% more shields and bonus to power damage.

Sentinels also have Warp, just like an Adept. This poisonous ability is still too slow for good damage, but is great for lowering protection. Stick to the upgrades for biotic detonation, increased damage from weapon and power, and piercing to armor and barriers.

Sentinels are the only human class that has access to Throw. This is mostly used to push back enemies, but can deal a decent amount of damage. For rank upgrades, invest in more force, combo recharge, and double throw.

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"This is Commander Shepard. And this is my favorite store on the Citadel!"




also for the record people who are saying they didnt get the special ending yet who did multi you need to have between 4-5k war assets forget which it is


I got the green splosion w/o MP, but I didnt get the part where shepard gasped.


in case GS forgot to mention it in their walk through... make sure you do multiplayer and get 100% war readiness... that will allow you to CHOSE the GREEN light which is BY FAR the Prettiest of the 3


[spoiler] Renegade Interrupt: kill Kai Leng, Don't press Renegade Interrupt: Kill Kai Leng. CHOICE! [/spoiler]




if you are colorblind...this game has just 1 ending :D


Lol, there is no "Best" ending. Just different colors.....


Everyone complains about the ending saying that is wreaks the game completely. I think that yes, the ending was quite disappointing, but it didn't erase the fun I had getting up to that point. It is still a good, fun and powerful game I had a really good time with. In my opinion it's the journey not the destination.


@djforlife84 You are so right, god forbid we ask for quality for the price they demand. It is also so unreasonable and selfish to ask them to live upto the promises they made pre-launch. You have made me realize the error of my ways and from now on I will accept the pile of crap they give me, and will even smile and thank them, because we all know we got where we are today by accepting everything as-is.


Just for laughs...what will ending a beloved series the way Bioware did in future be called? Pulling a Bioware? Pulling a Hudson? Embracing Enternity? ?


Let me see... -Blue explosion or -Green explosion or -Red explosion decisions...decisions...decisions