Mass Destruction Moves To Consoles

BMG hands Mass Destruction to ASC for publishing and distribution in the US.


Originally scheduled for release by BMG Interactive, Mass Destruction has been picked up by ASC. BMG Interactive planned to release the title this fall, but the company ceased to exist as a publisher/distributor in the US. The title has since been bought by ASC which will show it at E3 and is planning to release the title in the fall for the PlayStation, Saturn, and PC CD-ROM.

Mass Destruction brings military destruction to the home screen. There are four environments to do battle in - arctic, desert, rural, and urban. Choose from the game's three tank classes and load your arsenal up with flamethrowers, guided missiles, high-explosive shells, chain guns, mortars, mines, and vortex bombs.

The PC version has multiplayer options for Internet or network play. Check out a few screenshots from the game and look for it on store shelves this fall.