Major Counter-Strike: GO update alters weapon recoil

After gathering feedback from professional players, Valve adjusts weapon balance and recoil for PC version; new Deathmatch mode added.


Valve has released a major update for the PC version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After gathering feedback from professional players across the world, Valve decided to change recoil levels for all weapons. In addition, specific adjustments have been made to rifles, pistols, and the P90.

It is not clear if Valve intends to also update the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Valve has also implemented weapon purchasing changes, including raising the AWP's kill reward from $50 to $100. Additionally, the Glock is now a Terrorist-only weapon, and the FiveseveN is now a Counter-Terrorist-only weapon. The Terrorists' Molotov price has dropped to $500, while the Counter-Terrorists' incendiary grenade will remain at $850.

A new game mode--Deathmatch--is now available for matching and offline play. Players can join a Deathmatch game on either the Classic maps or the Demolition and Arms Race maps. Valve said the new Deathmatch mode is aimed at beginners, because it allows them to discover where they might be exposed and alert them to new angles and approaches.

Also now available for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a private beta for the Map Workshop. Interested mapmakers can mail Valve at with the subject "Map Workshop Beta" and their Steam ID with a link to maps already shipped or in progress to be considered.


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