Majesty: The Northern Expansion Details

Cyberlore reveals information on the features of its upcoming expansion to the fantasy strategy game Majesty. New screenshots inside.

Cyberlore and Microprose have sent us information on the features that will appear in their upcoming game Majesty: The Northern Expansion. Since the game has yet to reach alpha stage, it is still possible that the developers will make changes and additions to these features. The expansion will require the original version of Majesty in order to run.

Majesty: The Northern Expansion will make additions to almost every area of the original game. It includes new kingdom buildings, magic items, spells, and quests, as well as improvements to the multiplayer and freestyle modes. The game takes place in a cold climate, depicted by an all-new tileset including snow-covered trees, frozen ponds, and goblin snowmen. In addition, a number of new monsters, monster lairs, and monster spells are included, and monster coordination intelligence has been improved.

There are six new kingdom buildings available in the game. The embassy enables players to recruit heroes more effectively, and the hall of champions makes it possible to place bounties on specific types of monsters. The magic bazaar adds six new magic items, including elixir of regeneration, fire balm, invisibility brew, potion of dirgo strength, shapeshift tincture, and tonic of speed. The mausoleum holds slain heroes, which can be resurrected if necessary. If this building is destroyed, though, it will release a group of undead. The outpost serves as an alternate command post to the palace. The sorcerer's abode adds six new player-cast magic spells: chain lightning, change of heart, dismiss, earthquake, frost field, and gate.

There are several new monsters featured in the game. Some of the new monsters are unique creatures that will be revealed in the quests. The new overlords are the goblin overlord, greater gorgons, and ratman champions. Several support monsters have also been added, such as ice dragons, shadow beasts, and the ratman shaman. Additional monster lairs are also present, including the ancient graveyard, the broken sewer main, the goblin fortress, and the ice cave. The monsters also have new spells to cast, such as gorgon petrify, summon rats, and plague.

Over ten new quests are featured, including Clash of the Empires, Darkness Falls, and Rise of the Ratmen. The Northern Expansion also adds the ability to download new quests from the Internet. The multiplayer and freestyle modes have been enhanced with a build-tree editor that allows for custom limitations to be set, shared vision, random events, and over 60 new freestyle patterns.

Majesty: The Northern Expansion is scheduled to ship later this month.

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Majesty: The Northern Expansion

Majesty: The Northern Expansion