Majesco sweeps up rights for Phantom Dust

Premier title from Microsoft Japan is coming to America; Majesco will localize and publish the Xbox actioner in wake of Microsoft's decision to pass.

Microsoft surprised many in June when it decided not to publish Phantom Dust in North America. The Xbox title, already released in Japan, was developed by Microsoft Game Studios Japan, which led many to believe that Microsoft would localize the anticipated title for North American gamers. However, Microsoft dashed those hopes in June when it said it would not bring Phantom Dust across the Pacific.

It turns out Phantom Dust is coming stateside after all, but not with Microsoft behind it. Majesco today announced it will publish Phantom Dust in North America this winter as part of its 2005 lineup. This isn't the first time it has scooped up a title Microsoft has passed on. Another one of Majesco's 2005 releases, the long-delayed Psychonauts, was dropped by Microsoft in March.

Phantom Dust is set in a postapocalyptic future world where humans have been forced underground to flee unlivable conditions. Gamers must venture above ground and battle horrific mutations while discovering the truth behind the destruction. On the surface, gamers will encounter the mysterious airborne particles knows as the Phantom Dust, which grant some humans great powers.

The game will feature 200 single-player missions and several multiplayer modes over Xbox Live. Gamers will attempt to acquire more than 300 skills, either through victory on the battlefield or by trading them online.

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