Majesco sends its PS2 shooter to stores

The PlayStation 2 port of Solider of Fortune ships.

Majesco has announced the release of Soldier of Fortune for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game, which is being ported over from the PC version by the publisher's internal development studio, Pipe Dream Interactive, will be available at retailers nationwide later this week. The PlayStation 2 game features new multiplayer maps, mouse and keyboard support, and a variety of visual enhancements.

"We're thrilled to deliver Soldier of Fortune, one of the premier action gaming franchises, as one of our first offerings for the PlayStation 2," said David Elmekies, director of game development for Pipe Dream Interactive. "Maximizing the system's impressive capabilities, Soldier of Fortune incorporates the acclaimed attributes of the PC version and has been thoroughly revamped with updated tools, maps, and features that appeal to the console gamer."

Up to four players can compete at once in Soldier of Fortune for the PS2.

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4 player multiplayer? Holy fuck, Batman.