Majesco confirms Psychonauts for the PC and Xbox

Company also announces that Tim Schafer's adventure game will see a release sometime next year.

Majesco today confirmed that it will be publishing the adventure game Psychonauts, an announcement that was leaked Monday. However, Majesco also declared that the game will be available on the PC as well as the Xbox and that it will be released sometime next year.

Psychonauts is the creation of Tim Schafer--of LucasArts and Grim Fandango and Full Throttle fame--and his studio, Double Fine. The game follows Raz, a psychonaut recruit who must attempt to discover why his fellow students are being abducted. Raz has the ability to project himself into the minds of others, and many levels of the game will take place inside the minds of various dubious misfits.

Schafer's previous games featured challenging (some may say impossible) puzzles and unique gameworlds, and he hopes Psychonauts will continue that trend. Said Schafer of the new deal with Majesco, "Together we are going to make what could conservatively be called the greatest game of all time ever, and I think that's awesome."

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