Maelstrom revealed

Take a look at this footage of the Unreal Warfare-powered action game in development at Virgin Interactive.

Computer and Video Games has uncovered Virgin Interactive's upcoming action game, Maelstrom. The game is built on Epic's Unreal Warfare engine, and it combines space combat and first-person shooting. Players will assume the role of space-pirates, and they will be able to build a team of other shady characters in order to take on bigger challenges. According to the report in Computer and Video Games, comic artist Jim Murray, who worked on Judge Dredd and Batman, and 2000AD author Robbie Morrison are working on the game. Maelstrom will feature 20 single-player missions as well as a complete multiplayer mode. No official release date has been announced. Virgin Interactive was not available for comment at the time of publishing.

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Maelstrom (2001)

Maelstrom (2001)