Madden 12 gets serious about concussions - Report

In light of NFL-NFLPA dispute, EA Sports plans to sideline loopy players after serious in-game injury.

In the ongoing dispute between the NFL and its players' association, one of the hotly contested topics that may lead to a 2011 season lockout is the role of violence in the game. EA Sports is apparently sympathetic to the NFLPA's concerns over the issue, as it will reportedly be taking a more serious stance on player concussions in Madden NFL 12.

In a post to his Twitter feed today, NFLPA assistant executive director of external affairs George Atallah said that EA will be sidelining players who receive in-game concussions.

Big Ben has been rocking his concussion since probably right around 2003.

"Good for EA Sports. Concussed players in NFL Madden prevented from returning to play. Culture change is important," Atallah said.

While the way Madden NFL 12 deals with concussions may have changed, gamers won't see an interruption to their yearly gridiron sim on account of this year's possible NFL strike. In February, the NFL agreed to extend EA's exclusivity license through 2013.

EA Sports had not responded to a request for comment on the matter as of press time.

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