LSP to develop Extreme Ghostbusters games

Light and Sound Production plans to create Extreme Ghostbusters games for the Game Boy Color, the Game Boy Advance, and the GameCube.

Light and Sound Production has announced a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures to develop games based on the Extreme Ghostbusters animated television series. LSP plans to develop games for multiple Nintendo platforms, including the Game Boy Color, the Game Boy Advance, and the next-generation GameCube console. The first game to be released under the agreement will be a GBC game simply titled Extreme Ghostbusters, which will be released in May. The GBC version of Extreme Ghostbusters will include both action and chase sequences and will take place in New York City. Additionally, players will be able to use each of the characters from the animated series, including Kylie and her colleagues Garett, Roland, and Eduardo, based on specific situations. Extreme Ghostbusters for the Game Boy Color will have more than 15 levels based on such NYC landmarks as Central Park, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Up to two players will be able to compete at once using the GBC link cable.

"The signing of this major license agreement marks the arrival of LSP on new-generation platforms with a universally known game universe," said Jean Claude Goulon, CEO of LSP. "Rarely has a cartoon been so well adapted to the domain of video games. The partnership between LSP and Sony Pictures for the Extreme Ghostbusters property promises some fascinating games for players all over the world."

Specific details regarding the Game Boy Advance and GameCube projects based on Extreme Ghostbusters were not announced at this time. LSP's previous projects include Antz Racing and Dinosaur'us for Electronic Arts and Road to Eldorado for Ubi Soft.

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