Lords of the Realm III postponed

Sierra's castle-crushing real-time strategy game is no longer on track for a January 2004 release.

With Vivendi Universal Games' Half-Life 2 dominating news, another VU-published title, Lords of the Realm III, saw its release date quietly pushed back earlier yesterday.

While the game will no longer ship in January next year, rumors that the title is on indefinite hold were quickly put down. "'Indefinitely' sounds like it's not still in development, which isn't true," said Adam Kahn, senior PR manager at VU Games. "The game has been delayed so development can have more time--but there isn't a new date just yet." Whatever the release date, Lords of the Realm III's MSRP remains firmly fixed at $49.95.

Developed by Impressions Games, Lords of the Realm III is the latest installment of Sierra Entertainment's long-running strategy series. However, where its forbears were 2D and turn-based, the third game is 3D and partly real-time, allowing players to arrange complex sieges of medieval castles and then watch the carnage unfold. The game also includes multiplayer features as well as a castle editor which will allow LAN lords and virtual vassals to construct their own strongholds. For more information on Lords of the Realm III, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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Lords of the Realm III

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