Lords of Magic Patch

The list of tweaks is mighty long, but it includes enhanced combat AI, spell changes, and enhanced unit grouping ability in combat.

The free upgrade adds bug fixes and gameplay enhancements, including enhanced combat AI, spell changes, and enhanced unit grouping ability in combat.

Partial list of v 2.0 features:

· Enhanced the Turn-Based AI on Hard and Medium difficulty modes.

· Enhanced Combat AI on all levels.

· Enhanced combat auto-calculation, which now more accurately produces "would-be" results.

· Added Auto-calc button to pre-combat encounter dialogue. Users can now auto-calc combat without actually having to enter combat.

· Added a game-continue option after the death of Balkoth. Now users can play on even after defeating the Dark Lord.

· Many spell changes - such as teleport artifact to desired party.

· Players can now see what all units are carrying.

· Added Yes/No question dialogue before entering an enemy or friendly building.

· Enhanced Fealty rules. A better political relationship prior to fealty yields more spell knowledge and units when fealty is received.

· Enhanced more humanlike AI tricks and tactics such as attacking invaders with mercenaries, then disbanding mercenary parties.

· Improved AI in Barter interactions.

· "Game speed" and "Combat speed" buttons added to options panel.

· Added a game-speed indicator on the main map and in combat.

· Enhanced unit grouping capability in combat.

· User-customizable turn-limit timer in multiplayer games.

· Players can now select buildings without having to move units inside.

· "Restore Game" button to options panel allows users to replay last combat.

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what good is showing the patch notes, if you don't provide a download for those of us who still have our original copies, since it still plays fine even on windows 7