Lego Minecraft sets due this summer

Micro World 480-piece set available now for preorder for $35, available through Lego shop and "select" retailers later this year.

Just over two weeks ago, the official Minecraft Lego sets were approved by the iconic toymaker. Today, the company announced the block sets are entering production and will be due to fans by summer.

Gamers can tinker with Minecraft in the real world this summer.

The Lego Minecraft Micro World set (pictured) is composed of 480 pieces and includes memorable Minecraft character Steve and a creeper. The sets come with four separate modules that can be connected together, with mines and other hidden resources embedded underneath.

As noted on the Lego Cuusoo blog, the sets are now headed to the factory before shipping during the summer.

Those interested in reserving a launch set can preorder Lego Minecraft Micro World today at J!NX. When the set launches this summer, it will be available at Lego's online shop, as well as through "select" Lego brand retail stores.


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