Leaked Dishonored 2 logo reveals possible sequel - Report

An anonymous source says we'll be hearing more from the Dishonored franchise at this year's E3.


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A possible (and take this with a huge grain of salt) teaser image for Dishonored II has surfaced online. Posted on All Games Beta (via NeoGaf), the photo shows a possible logo for the sequel to 2012's stealth action-adventure game Dishonored, followed by the text, "Witness the full reveal at E3 2014!" The hashtag #DarknessOfTyvia sits at the bottom of the image, and what looks like a PlayStation 4 light bar is visible just off-screen.

GameSpot has reached out to Bethesda and is awaiting comment on the image's veracity.

The image marks the first time any media has surfaced teasing a Dishonored sequel. Should the image prove to be fake, it would not be the first time a Bethesda title has been falsely advertised. Late last year, alleged Fallout 4 teaser website "TheSurvivor2299.com" proved to be an elaborate hoax that was put together in order to get Bethesda to reveal the game earlier.

The simplistic "II" pasted next to the regular Dishonored logo doesn't make the image look terribly convincing, but what do you think? Fake or legit?

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