League of Legends MLG Dallas Championship Coverage

8 of the top League of Legends teams from around the world battle it out for $30,000 in prizes.

Top teams including Team SoloMid, Curse Gaming, CLG, Dignitas, and even two Korean teams Najin Sword and Azubu Blaze will be competing at MLG Dallas for a first place prize of $16,000. See below for League of Legends coverage and more. For more information about the LoL Invitational Tournament in Dallas see majorleaguegaming.com.

The games will be casted by Deman, Jatt, Phreak, MonteCristo, and OptimusTom. Watch the free SD Stream below or upgrade to an HD ad-free stream.

Player Interviews and Game Highlights

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Champs Interview
Scarra Interview
Snoopeh Interview D2
Coming Soon

GSesports D1 Wrap
MakNooN Interview D2
Xpecial Interview Day 1
Yellowpete and Jree

MakNooN Interview D1
Doublelift Interview D2
Shy Interview D1
Gsesports D2 Wrap

League of Legends Stream Schedule

All times CT, and for all other stream schedules see here.


  • 5:00 pm Event Welcome
  • 5:15 pm Dr. Pepper Pregame Show
  • 5:30 pm Winners Bracket RD 1 Najin Sword v CLG NA
  • 7:00 pm Winners Bracket RD 1 Curse v TSM
  • 8:30 pm Winners Bracket RD 1 Dignitas v CLG EU


  • 10:00 am Dr Pepper Pregame Show
  • 10:00 am Winners Bracket RD 2
  • 1:30 pm Losers Bracket RD 2
  • 5:30 pm Winners Bracket Final
  • 7:00 pm Losers Bracket Round 3

    Championship Sunday

  • 11:45 am Dr Pepper Pregame Show
  • 12:00 pm Loser Bracket Final
  • 1:30 pm League of Legends Fall Championship Finals

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Was only able to watch Friday. Need to find the matches from Sat and Sun to catch up.