League of Legends Holiday Parade

Celebrate League of Legends with GameSpot this December in our Holiday Parade!

GameSpot celebrates the holidays and League of Legends with this spectacular Holiday Parade. We've got everything from livestreams, writing challenges, fan art, champion battle, and much more! Drop by this page as often as you can for updates. .

Celebration Line-Up
• Beat the Pros
• Learn to Play: Scrub Edition
• 5-Hour Gameplay Marathon
• League of Legends Fan Art Contest
• Writing Challenges
• League of Legends Championship Bracket
• League of Legends Game Days
• Trivia Challenges

GameSpot Versus Beat the Pros Edition
On December 21st Team SoloMid will be dropping by to play against their fans! We'll share more details as we get closer to the date. UPDATE: How to Team Solomid

5-Hour Gameplay Marathon
During our 5 hour gameplay marathon on December 18th from 12pm PT until 5pm PT, we'll be playing the game, showcase user generated content, host brain busting trivia, and give away stuff! If you want to join in on the action, PM Synthia to get in on the action. UPDATE: Watch the Replay

Learn to Play: Scrubs Edition
Join Synthia Weires each week as she discovers how to play League of Legends. Aside from the live streams lunchbox schedule, she'll also blog about her experience as a new League of Legends player in Confessions of a Part-Time Champion Diaries.
Live Stream Schedule
• December 4 at 12pm [Watch the Replay]
• December 11 at 11am PT [Watch the Replay]
• Final Scurbs livestream - Canceled

Confessions of a Part-Time Champion Diary
Synthia will be sharing her journey in her Confessions of a Part-Time Champion blog series. If you happen to help her out or play with her, she'll may end up giving you a shoutout!

Holiday Fan Art
League of Legends has inspired creativity in many forms, one if its strongest and most inspirational communities is the vast artistic community. We invite you to test your skill in our Art Competition.

Champion Holiday Skins Battle
We know there's many fans of the holiday themes skins but it's time to determine who's your favorites! To participate, go to any of these topics dedicated to the 20 Holiday Champion skins and post your fan art, favorite Youtube videos, or your favorite moments playing that character! Anything goes as long as it gets the discussion going about that awesome character and their holiday skin. Also, if you use Facebook, we have another way you can vote for your favorite champion and their holiday skin! For the next few weeks we'll post a champion holiday skin every day. Based on your LIKES, SHARES, and COMMENTS, you'll show us how popular that champion is! You can also choose to post in the topics below and on Facebook . You have until December 31st to get in your votes.
- Amumu: Begifted Skin
- Fiddlesticks: DarkCandy Skin
- Gangplank: ToySoldier Skin
- Gragas: Santa Skin
- Heimerdinger: Showmerdinger Skin
- Katarina: Slaybells Skin
- Kog'Maw" Reindeer Skin
- LeBlanc: MistleToe Skin
- Maokai: Festive Skin
- MissFortune: CandyCane Skin
- Nidalee: Snowbunny Skin
- Nunu: Workshop Skin
- Poppy Ragdoll Skin
- Shaco: Nutcracker Skin
- Sona: SilentNight Skin
- Teemo: Elf Skin
- Tristana: Earnest Elf Skin
- Veigar: BadSanta Skin
- Ziggs: Snowday Skin
- Zilean: Old Saint Zilean Skin

Writing Challenges
Each week we'll challenge you to write about the game as part of our celebration! To get credit for the writing challenges, please post them in your blog and send an email contests@gamespot.com.

• December 10-16 Challenge 1: Write an editorial about the game! You don't have to be an experienced player, this could even be about you trying the game for the first time.

• December 17-24 Challenge 2: Write lyrics based on a well-known Christmas jingle.

• December 24-31 Challenge 3: Write a review! By now even new players should have the game down and can write a review about it!

League of Legends Game Days
GaneSpot Players Network will host game days that will be held at different times in the month of December. If you've been itching to learn or you already play the game, drop by the page for the latest missions!

Trivia Challenges
If you miss out on participating in a trivia during the livestreams, you'll also have the chance to participate in a trivia challenge. We'll share more details about this later this month!

New to the game and its community? Jody will look for your questions and hunt for answers. Give her a shoutout in the comments or send her a PM.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email news@gamespot.com

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This sounds awesome, but I'm guessing it all takes place on the NA server, right? The latency will be horrible for me.. =(


I really want to play, as the game-play is just superb and it can be so much fun, but the majority of the community that I experienced in my couple of weeks playing was so foul, dire, ill-tempered and composed of rude people my positive experiences were way overshadowed by the negatives. A shame as in my relatively short time there I dropped a fair bit o' cash on characters and such-like and it would be nice to feel I could recoup that investment somehow...



Skins give away would BE more than enough for me :)


I challenge all of Gamespot, I want to see who is worthy enough to defeat me!

anthonyr1 moderator staff

Holiday parade!!!!!!


JodyR moderator

 @blueness When a game receives players in the millions, it's bound to have some rotten apples. The community as a whole is much more welcoming to new players than some. and they do have a reporting system that lets you report players or rate them for good behavior these days. If you still want to play, we'll have a gameplay marathon next Tuesday! :) 

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

 @blueness Might have been just bad luck, I've seen a mix of both so far in my experiences. If you wanna play with me feel free to add me and we can scrub it up together :D


@blueness there are heaps who are nothing like those people. Maybe bad luck? Otherwise once you find good people friend them

JodyR moderator

 @wexorian We have some skins that we give away to helpful people in the learn to play livestreams! 


 @Mr_BillGates In your opinion. To many others they enjoy the game a lot and there is a reason it is the most played online game.


Just because a game has a steep learning curve and you aren't good at it, doesn't make the game bad.


 @JodyR Sounds like a plan. I will msg over info once got account sorted and suchlike.


Sounds good. I shall download the client and get sorted in the next few days.


 @wookie560  I am thinking of giving it another shot, maybe over the Xmas break and fingers crossed it will be a bit better. I really do hope it's better than before...


 @Toysoldier34  @Mr_BillGates Hes got a point the fact that their server stability is still awful, and only 30-40 Champs get played at high level out of over 100 is pretty sad. Also steep learning curve? BAHAHAHA League of Legends is one of if not the easiest MOBAs out there. 


 @WiiMan21  @Synthia  Does that means my tactic of running around aimlessly and without good purpose with the sole intent of unleashing Tibbers at the earliest opportunity to see the cool character animations is scuppered?  ;-)


 @Leeric420  @Toysoldier34  @Mr_BillGates Yeah..compared that to gears of war where 3 out of 10 guns is used competitively, call of duty where like 4 guns are used, super smash bros where 4 fighters are used, and he probably means Steep learning curve compared to other mainstream genres like shooters