League of Legends Holiday Battle Has Begun!

Vote for your favorite champion based on their holiday skin or because you're a fan in general!

We had a great time playing many League of Legends fans today in our 5 hour livestream. Now we're moving on to another way we're celebrating the game, we're hosting a champion holiday skins battle! To keep it around the holidays, we're only having the 20 Holiday skins face off to determine a winner!

To participate, head on over to the following topics dedicated to the 20 Holiday Champion skins and post your favorite fan art, favorite Youtube videos, or your favorite moments playing that character! Anything goes as long as it gets the discussion going about that awesome character and their holiday skin. Also, if you use Facebook, we have another way you can vote for your favorite champion and their holiday skin! For the next few weeks we'll post a champion holiday skin every day. Based on your LIKES, SHARES, and COMMENTS, you'll show us how popular that champion is! You can also choose to post in the topics below and on Facebook

- Amumu: Begifted Skin
- Fiddlesticks: DarkCandy Skin
- Gangplank: ToySoldier Skin
- Gragas: Santa Skin
- Heimerdinger: Showmerdinger Skin
- Katarina: Slaybells Skin
- Kog'Maw" Reindeer Skin
- LeBlanc: MistleToe Skin
- Maokai: Festive Skin
- MissFortune: CandyCane Skin
- Nidalee: Snowbunny Skin
- Nunu: Workshop Skin
- Poppy Ragdoll Skin
- Shaco: Nutcracker Skin
- Sona: SilentNight Skin
- Teemo: Elf Skin
- Tristana: Earnest Elf Skin
- Veigar: BadSanta Skin
- Ziggs: Snowday Skin
- Zilean: Old Saint Zilean Skin

You have until December 31st to get your votes in so hurry!

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Isn't it a given that the Yeti should win?