League of Legends Celebration: Writing Challenge!

Join us this month to celebrate the League of Legends game.

Hello GameSpotters! If you've never tried League of Legends or you know all about it, join us to celebrate the game in our holiday parade! Each week we'll offer a writing challenge and this week is an easy challenge. We'd like to know how you know about the game or what you know about the game. Have you been playing since the beta or perhaps started this week? Share your history with the game or if you have friends that play it. Even if you've never tried the game, you can even write about what has caused this.

To submit your writing challenge entry send an email to contests@gamespot.com by December 17th and be sure to include your username and League of Legends summoner name to receive credit!

Not into writing about games? No worries, if you're an artist, we have a contest with $500 in prizes, and other ways you can participate mentioned in our League of Legends Holiday Parade!

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