League of Legends All-Star Shanghai 2013 Live Stream and Coverage

Tune in this weekend as the best LoL players from each region battle in skills competitions and more to see which region is the most dominant.

This weekend marks the first League of Legends All-Star event which will be held in Shanghai. The votes are in and the teams have been selected. The regions that will be represented include North America, Europe, Korea, China, and South-East Asia. Not only will you be able to see which Team is the best, but you'll get to see individual players duke it out in skills competitions as well. The players will also participate in skills competitions including: 2v2's, best jungler, top lane and mid lane battles as well.

The winner of the All-Star tournament will receive an additional slot at the Season 3 World Championships, allowing their region to garner an additional team in the final stages. The format of the tournament will be best of three matches in a double elimination bracket. South-East Asia will come into the All-Star Bracket one round ahead due to the Taipei Assassins' victory at the world championship in Season 2. See below for the live stream, our live coverage, the schedule and more. For more information about the teams and the event check out lolesports.com.

All-Star Shanghai Event Coverage

All Star Chemistry
All Star SoTL
The Coin Flip
WeiXiao on All Stars

Edward on EU Team
Nyjacky on role for NA
Chaox talks life in China
Nick Allen at All Stars

Day 1 Press Recap
2v2 Edward//YellowPete vs WeiXiao/Xiaoxiao
Press Conf. Highlights
PDD on Rumble

Shy at All Stars
Garena's All Stars
NA and EU Update
2v2 NA vs Garena

Saintvicious D1
Doublelift on NA vs EU
All Star D1 Recap
Madlife at All Stars

Snoopeh at All Stars
Twisted Fate Trailer
Riot's Magus + RedBeard
Doublelift on CLG

All-Star Shanghai Live Stream

All-Star Shanghai Schedule

May 23rd - 26th, Times in PST (Click to enlarge schedule)

All-Star Shanghai Teams

North America

  • Top - Dyrus
  • Jungle - saintvicious
  • Mid - scarra
  • AD Carry - Doublelift
  • Support - Xpecial
  • Coach - LiQUiD112


  • Top - sOAZ
  • Jungle - Diamondprox
  • Mid - Alex Ich
  • AD Carry - Yellowpete
  • Support - Edward
  • Coach - hxd

Southeast Asia

  • Top - Stanley
  • Jungle - HarLeLuYar
  • Mid - Toyz
  • AD Carry - Chawy
  • Support - MiSTakE
  • Coach - Puffs


  • Top - Shy
  • Jungle - InSec
  • Mid - Ambition
  • AD Carry - Pray
  • Support - Madlife
  • Coach - Reach


  • Top - PDD
  • Jungle - Troll
  • Mid - Misaya
  • AD Carry - WeiXiao
  • Support - XiaoXiao
  • Coach - Aaron

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