Laugh Factory app hitting PS3 in September

Hollywood-based comedy club releasing app on PlayStation Network on Sept. 1 with past shows and live performances; free until December, then $3 per month.


Come September 1, PlayStation 3 owners interested in comedy can download an official Laugh Factory application from the PlayStation Network. Titled The Laugh Factory Live, Sony says the streaming service will be the first live comedy application available on any console.

Sony is trying to make you chuckle with the Laugh Factory app.

The Laugh Factory app comes from the Hollywood-based comedy club of the same name, which has hosted famous comedians like Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Tim Allen, Carlos Mencia, and Jimmy Fallon.

Those who download The Laugh Factory app will have access to video from "some of the best moments of the club's past," as well as upcoming live comedy performances. Sony did not say which previous performances or forthcoming acts will be available.

All programming through The Laugh Factory app will be free until December. Those looking to split their sides and slap their knees further can pay $3 per month after the free period ends to continue watching.

The Laugh Factory app is the latest video streaming service to arrive on the PS3. It joins Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, MLB.TV, Vudu, NHL GameCenter, and Hulu Plus.



N!gger.  (Laugh Factory's owner's head explodes, crowd cheers)


Great idea, but expand it to Europe and not just the Hollywood-based comedy club and i'll be interested.


Not being harsh, but most American comedians are only funny to Americans.  There's just something they don't quite 'get' about comedy.


The upcoming US remake of the inbetweeners as a prime example.  And the recent Top Gear for that matter.  It's just not funny.


Give us Dave Chappelle and then we'll talk


Damn why do PS3 players make the most idiotic comments. I mean, how hard is it to enjoy your console without insulting Xbox users. Childish

Halloll 1 Like

available only to the US I suppose.


 @Halloll Probably for the best.  A Hollywood-based comedy club essentially means American comedians.. We won't be missing much.


This might be good for a laugh until December, I'll at least try it.


Hey, I'll try it for the free trial. Don't know if I'd actually pay for it, though.

SiLenTWarrior29 2 Like

meh.. first 3 months free worth a try.. after that will see but I do love comedy... dave chappelle but I cant stand carlos menacia

Le_Floose 10 Like

Good to know I can have those oh so clever comedians Carlos Mencia, Jimmy Fallon, and the phenomenal Dane Cook on my PS3. YE-....... No.

armandoisgreat 3 Like


 Haha! Yes, those guys are terrible, but the laugh factory also gets some excellent comedians. Check out their youtube channel.

ChemicalReaper 1 Like

 @armandoisgreat Precisely: "check out their YouTube channel." Why would I pay $3/month to access content on my X360/PS3 that I could find for free on the internet? I have a console so I can play video games: if I want to check Facebook, watch a movie, watch a TV programme, or listen to music, well, I already have a laptop and a TV to do those.