Latest Trivia Winners

Did you win something for participating in a trivia session?

Let's catch up on the latest trivia winners for On the Spot and Now Playing episodes! Find out what was up for grabs and the lucky winners of those awesome goodies. In September and October, we also had these awesome prizes to give away: beta keys for The Witcher 2, Steam Indie Bundle codes, and access to the Tribes: Ascent beta.

September 22: On the Spot
Locust Drone Bust: Adam S.
October 13: On the Spot
Sims 3: Pets Limited Edition: Jay L. / Jamie M. / Percival F.
October 20: On the Spot
Eightarc PS3 Onyx Joysticks: Henry C. / LV J. / Jessica S. / Ryan A. / Hank W.
October 24: Now Playing Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3 Gaming Case: Jesus H.
November 3: On the Spot
Razer Headset: Jamie M.

Congrats to you winners for your superlative trivia-answering skills along with your quick mouse fingers. If you are curious about how we randomly select our winners, please read our trivia tips.

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