Latest Oddworld redubbed, redated

EA's odd action game rechristened Oddworld Stranger's Wrath; Xbox version now coming January 25.

Electronic Arts today announced a new name and release date for the latest title in the Oddworld franchise. Originally dubbed Oddworld Stranger, the game is now titled "Oddworld Stranger's Wrath" because it "better reflects the spirit of the game."

The Xbox version has also been moved from its original vague release date of spring 2005 to a more definitive date of January 25, because as EA executive producer Scot Bayless puts it, "As with the film industry, we have to think strategically about release timing. We revisited our release date and asked ourselves, 'What's best for Stranger?'"

The sixth title in the Oddworld franchise puts gamers in control of the "Stranger" who hunts bounties for cold, hard cash in a surreal future Western setting. Spring 2005 remains the tentative date for the PlayStation 2 version, which is in development limbo and may never see the light of day. GameSpot recently sat down with Oddworlds Inhabitants president Lorne Lanning and Bayless to hear their thoughts on the game.

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